Are there so many satellites out there?


The infrared telescope located on the top of Mount Mauna Kea in Hawaii has spotted some weird spots travelling at high speeds in-between the stars. Were there really so many satellites up there on March 6, 2018?

Strange moving spots travelling inbetween stars over Hawaii on March 6, , Strange moving spots travelling inbetween stars over Hawaii on March 6 video, strange moving spots hawaii
Strange moving spots travelling inbetween stars over Hawaii on March 6, 2018.

So what is this group of strange luminous objects flying high in the night sky?

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  1. My dad would travel about 4 to 8 hours out of the city. Camp at 7000 ft. to 11000.ft Then start campfire tell stories cook food treats and watch the planes and Satellites go by.Ah the good old days!

    • You will find Galactic Federation of Light that has been in search for you.
      Many lives (You have reincarnated on the Earth many times) has brought you to recognize it’s your life now in review ~~~.

      Just get out of the 3rd dimensional Matrix, called religion.

      One of my real protectors is Archangel Michael. He is going to lead me to 5th dimension (=heaven).

      • It is so easy and comfortable to live on the pile of lies isn`t it…? You repeat the same things, in the same sad ways as other lost, naive souls…

        Galactic federation of light and archangel michael have been destroyed long ago and led to oblivion for creating such 3rd matrix around Solar System and crimes against that glorious Reptilian Empire… Do I sense that you start to feel bad, being prisoned in your own work…? What an irony of fate, your own matrix, created against the whole Nature and Universe starts to consume its own creators… You are real tragic heroes, which now want to escape… Easy, someday you will, and you shall meet us waiting at the gates of this hell… buhahahaha…

  2. I found an very interesting video.
    Youtube: Real NASA Footage. Alien UFO Taking Out Space X Falcon 9 Elon Musk Rocket On The Way To ISS

    On the video above, a cloud that is actually spaceship disguising as a cloud (we call a cloudship), shot out a missile toward SpaceX Falcon 9 (Slow down the video at 2:36 when a cloudship shoot a missile). Every time, SpaceX ranch a rocket, every rocket had been destroyed by UFO. That is why they have created FAKE CGI image as if their rocket ranch has been succeeded recently. Even Elon Musk himself tweeted that the recent SpaceX rocket ranch was created by CGI.

    Youtube: The New UFO Documentary the Elite Hoped Would Never Be Aired in Public

    • Unfortunately this is a CGI effect in the video. You’ll see it very well when watch it slowy. The blast and the way as the fire hit the rocket.
      But i don’t believe that any nation are out in the space.

  3. Today, on USGS earthquake map with all magnitudes, I found M2.0 tremor with depth only 2.0km on Canyondam, CA. Coordinates are 40.169°N 121.069°W. If you see this epicenter on Google Map, it is right on Sierra Bible Camp.

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  4. Yes, those stationary lights are all space fleets from Galactic Federation of Light. More info: Youtube Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH.

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