Winter weather is never going to end this year: Record-setting cold and snow about to punish the USA


It’s already the 17th day of spring! But it seems that winter weather is never going to end this year. Look at these headlines about how Americans across the Midwest and East Coast are enjoying that pleasantly warm spring weather we’ve all come to know and love:

  • Don’t hate me, but record-setting cold and snow are about to sweep across the US [Mashable]
  • Spring Fails to Start in the Midwest and East With Three Snowmakers Expected Into This Weekend [The Weather Channel]
  • Endless winter: Waves of cold, snow to punish Midwest and East [USA Today]
  • Unusual, record-breaking April cold to crash into eastern U.S. Friday through the weekend [Washington Post]
  • Damaging storms slam Midwest, southern US, leaving over 70,000 without power (pictures) [Strange Sounds]

That can’t be right. A mass delusion must have swept over US reporters. Let’s check a source from across the pond:

US weather latest: Cold snap across America to break records for April weather [The Independent]

Ah, well. It appears that winter is indeed refusing to go away and might decide to get worse again, with the potential for more snow and record-breaking low temperatures in the US.

Why is this happening?

For one, a polar vortex has been chilling over the Hudson Bay in Canada for months now, sending waves of cold (and contributing to all those nor’easters that hit the East Coast in March), and it’s still going:

winter weather april 2018, It appears that winter is indeed refusing to go away and might decide to get worse again, with the potential for more snow and record-breaking low temperatures in the US, winter weather april 2018 map, winter weather april 2018 video
It appears that winter is indeed refusing to go away and might decide to get worse again, with the potential for more snow and record-breaking low temperatures in the US. TropicalTidbits via Mashable

So what does that mean for temperatures in the coming week? Do you really want to know? Here ya go:

winter weather april 2018, It appears that winter is indeed refusing to go away and might decide to get worse again, with the potential for more snow and record-breaking low temperatures in the US, winter weather april 2018 map, winter weather april 2018 video
Very low temperatures in USA: Snow, hail and record low temperatures.

You want snow too? Mother Nature has you covered. The following map shows the snow amounts across the country with more than a foot in the Rockies, 2-3″ inches in St. Louis and 2-6″ in NYC:

We would blame Punxsutawney Phil for seeing his shadow in February, but we’re well beyond 6 weeks now. Now we’re just angry.

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  1. Leftist news website stating that scientists are wrong, claiming that “mini ice age is only a myth” LMAO!!!

  2. If credibility is that which SS seeks, it will never be attained via an article(s) that opens with SS in the company of manure disseminators..the weather channel, (havent told weather truth for 15 years), USA TODAY, ( gannett, need i say more?) MASHABLE, (hey, did you get a look at the fair complected, green eyed YOUTUBE shooter?) and the Washington Compost. What no cnn? Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Here in Canada, we are paying for a Carbon Tax for Global Warming. It has been nothing but cold and snow for 5 months non stop and I live close to the American border. Our winters are usually mild with no snow. It seems more like a mini IceAge rather than Global Warming.

  4. Nuclear Winter for the latter half of the year is on its way.

    Axial Poleshift is a shift or flip of the geographical poles (Isa 24:1, 18-20, 23; 38:8). The gravitational pull of the strange star’s mass will cause the earth to slow down and maybe bring it to a complete halt (Josh 10:11-13–Joshua’s Longest Day). The tilting earth will create a “slosh” of all the ocean water that is now bulged up around the equator due to the centrifugal forces of earth’s spinning motion. As a result of these shifting and moving water masses there will be: Nibiru.
    1) tsunamis and violently rising ocean levels up to 400 feet (120 meter); Hab 3:10–Overflowing water passed by. Amos 9:6; Amos 5:6-8; Nah 1:8 (flood)
    2) flooding of all coastal areas and an eventual recessing of these oceanic waters into the earth’s crust.
    3) shifting, lifting and sinking landmasses.
    4) landmasses sinking into and rising out of the ocean.
    5) tidal, crustal and rogue waves.
    6) 200+ mph (320+ kph) winds as the jet stream is coming down to ground level affecting the entire globe. Wind: Gen 8:1; 41:6,23; Exodus 10:13, 19; Job 1:19; Psalm 148:8; Isa 41:16; Jer 4:11-12; 51:1,16; Ezk 13:11, 13; Ezk 19:12; Dan 2:35; Hos 13:15; Rev 6:13.
    7) more tornadoes and regular hurricanes. Whirlwind Job 37:9; Isa 66:15; Jer 23:19; Jer 30:23
    8) hurricanes over land.
    9) shifting of the climatic regions and seasons.
    10) change of the length of days and of the calendar (Matt 24:21-22; Mk 13:20).
    A disruption in the Earth’s rotation in either speed (normally 1,000 miles per hour) or direction (a pole shift).

    • Well the bible says the earth is flat and all the math and physical measurements with modern technology prove the same thing so you need to read your bible again and stop listening to the satanic media

    • Excellent scriptural references! As always God is the blessed controller of all things. His Word is faithful and true.

  5. Dane Wigington with may have some answers for you. Or will this never be posted due to a cover up?

  6. Beginning 1998 to date, all weather in the Northern Hemisphere has been centrally controlled by ground and satellite based microwave, IR,and laser systems. The orchestration of these systems , including the “Doppler radar” that your local weatherman boasts about has the ability to super heat atmosphere with pinpoint precision – install HIGH pressure systems artificially, enhance/create/steer storm systems with precision. Utilize ground based cooling systems to release billions liters of water vapor on demand, create hurricanes/typhoons and shut them down. With all of the attention now with the Northeast cold, may we also not forget about what the weather controllers are doing to California – destroying crops by virtue of shutting down tropical flow – means no rain ! Natural weather ? no such thing in 2018.

  7. Without looking at the weather forecast all I have to do is look up.
    What do I mean?
    Well you can set your watch by it, every time there is an approaching frontal system, which is usually afew days out, the aerial assault starts. And every year it’s getting worse and in particular every time there is a “bombogenesis” front.
    See what the geoengineers do down here in south Florida they start spraying like mad forcing the moisture and blocking the front from coming south. Today they started spraying all over. Blotting out the sun. It has happened this winter. I have kept photo, video and written weather logs. Clear blue skies, no front. No trails. Front starts approaching, day and night they are going to town.

    • Thanks for posting this. I also noticed this a couple years back. When I see the spraying start I know it’s going to rain/snow within about 48 hours.

  8. The current cold snap is a manifestation of the Sun heading into a “grand solar minimum”. The last time this happened about 200 years ago during the “Maunder minimum” there were years where there was snow in the US northeast in June and the River Thames in London froze solid. Real climate scientists, that haven’t jumped on the “global warming” funding gravy train, are talking about the planet heading into another mini ice age where growing seasons are going to be shortened dramatically and in a worst case crops will not grow at high latitudes such as the northern US, southern Canada and Russia. The resulting famine could be the worst in recorded history.

    • You are absolutely correct about the sun and mini ice age. Check it out in the book National Audubon Society, Field Guide to the Night Sky on page 630, regarding Sunspots, “Between about the years 1640 and 1710, for unknown reasons, there were almost no sunspots: this period coincided with a period of very cold weather on Earth known as the “Mini Ice Age”.
      There have been no sun spots for quite some time, and Who created the sun? Who made the sun go back 10 degrees? 2 Kings 20:9,10,11, and Isaiah 38:8. These are Gods Judgments. He can use whatever and whomever He chooses to bring about His judgments, and it’s not open for debate or opinion. The world has been weighed and it has been found in want.

    • No. Its called weather manipulation. Average global temperature – average of points in a composite number from all over the world – is the highest ever in history. Since when does Alaska and the North Pole have temps higher than much of the Continental United States for months on end? Look again at the maps provided in the story. The purpose? To keep the smart people of Minnesota, Illinois, and the East Coast from thinking too much about global warming, and tben making a stink about it.

    • I think you mean the ‘Dalton Minimum’, 1790-1830. Plenty of salient information along these lines can be found on Facebook page ‘The Deagel Forum’.

  9. Quite cool and snowy start for us for April. Usually showers (rain). I have seen it snow on the first day of trout season (falls somewhere near the 18th). Having issues in the greenhouse. Not enough sunlight.

  10. Unusually warm dry spring across Colorado’s front range. High fire danger, lots of bugs. We really need moisture. Nothing’s normal. Whatever normal was.

  11. Nice! You have a longer growing season. I’m in Montana and I might not have a growing season at all this year. In 1992, we had no Summer. It rained constantly throughout out growing season.

  12. I wish we’d get some of that snow and cold down here in South Carolina. We got cheated out of a lot of Winter, with 70+-90°F temps the last two weeks of February.

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