Water is not supposed to be naturally bubbling! What is going on in New Mexico?


It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas! The post says boiling but I guess it is just bubbling. Anyway, it is very weird! 

It looks like frack water and gas release to me. If it was hot, there should be some steam visible, no?

By the way, this map shows you where you shouldn’t drink tap water in the USA.

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Video: Man founds bubbling water out of nowhere in New Mexico.

What is your guess?

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  4. More evacuations ordered for the “416 Fire” north of Durango

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  5. On this video and picture, we can see a fracking facility far from this bubbling gas. That means that this bubbling gas is related to that fracking facility. The lava coming out in Hawaii near the geothermo facility that is also doing like fracking is because of the geothermo facility. Digging and making holes on the Earth make big troubles. The Earth is a living thing so that it should be treated with great respect. Anyway, the big Earth change is on going and coming. The more big changes are coming. The 3rd dimensional Earth will be end very soon. I don’t know how this Earth end and 3rd dimensional people and reptilians end. People from Andromeda told Alex Collier that they (Galactic Federation of Light) will make the scenario just like the book of revelation. Very soon, all of us are going to be sorted out by those Galactic Gods according to the spiritual level while the Earth is under renovation.

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