Mystery booms shake US and UK, but nobody knows why


These mystery booms are being reported across the USA and the UK, but nobody really knows why they are happening. Do you? Here the latest news reports for June 2018:

Another mystery explosion in Bucks County, Pennsylvania:

Yet another mysterious explosion has rocked an upper Bucks County community. Neighbors say the loud noise woke them up early Thursday morning in Milford Township. There’s a noticeable hole in the ground off Brick Tavern Road. This is the latest in a string of more than 20 explosions that the FBI and local police are investigating between Bucks and Lehigh counties. Could it be a meteor hitting the ground, or just another tannerite explosion… – 6abc

What was that? Loud boom heard and felt from northern Arkansas to south central Missouri

Did you hear it Wednesday? That loud boom. So loud in fact that people in northern Arkansas and south central Missouri heard it and were all asking the same question around noon Wednesday. What was that boom?It was just a loud boom,” Richard Harrell said. “I thought it kind of sounded like a bomb,” Sadie Hutchinson added. “It felt like somebody actually ran into the building,” told Michael Romero. And the mystery continues… – KY3

Mystery ‘explosion’ sound leaves residents in Ruthin baffled

Residents in the Ruthin area were woken in night to sound of a loud bang and a flash of light. It was most probably a meteor, what do you think? – Daily Post

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The mystery booms continue


The cause of most of the booms remains a mystery, although several explanations have been suggested.

1) Sonic booms

A sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves created by an object traveling through the air faster than the speed of sound – such as supersonic aircrafts.

Sonic booms generate significant amounts of sound energy, sounding like an explosion to the human ear.

2) Military exercises

Many unexplained loud noises can be put down to military training, either at Army or Naval bases or in remote areas used for such exercises.

3) Controlled explosions

A controlled explosion is a method for detonating or disabling a suspected explosive device, such as bags left at train stations.

4) Unusual weather

Many loud noises link back to unusual weather events, such as electrical storms or thunder storms.

5) Meteors

Large meteors passing above Earth often produce shock waves that can be heard as a sonic boom.

6) Sound amplified from aircraft

Some have suggested that the sound was due to inversion – a phenomenon that occurs when a layer of warm air sits over a layer of cooler air, magnifying the sound of an aircraft miles away.

7) Aliens

Some conspiracy theorists claim that the mysterious booms are noises created by aliens – although there is no evidence to support this.

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