This weekend natural disaster events in videos: Earthquakes, eruptions, red tides, floods, hail and storm apocalypses


This weekend, a lot has occurred in the US and around the world. Here’s a video summary

Waiting for the apocalypse in Barnaul, Waiting for the apocalypse video, Waiting for the apocalypse in Barnaul pictures, get prepared, be ready, prepare
Waiting for the apocalypse in Barnaul, Russia on June 23, 2018.

Earthquakes spread from West Pacific — West Coast USA plate in motion — SLOW SLIPPING:

GSM Update 6/24/18 – Kilauea Flyby – Excessive Heat Warnings – Lambing Losses

Ecological Disaster – Red Tide Outbreak – Sarasota, FL – 6/23/2018

Storm apocalypse in Barnaul Russia on June 23, 2018:

Pawnee Fire June 23, 2018, Lake County California Wildfire

Hail and Flash Flooding in Johnstown, Colorado June 24th 2018

Alert!! USGS WARNS – California Earthquake Imminent – The BIG ONE is HERE!

06-24-2018 Moore, OK Flooding

Major flash flooding in Pirri Sardinia today June 24

A compilation of very close lightning strikes:

and finally that:

230,000 gallons of crude released into floodwaters after train derailment, railroad says

Have a Plan!…..Plan for the worst…Hope for the Best.

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    • Northern California wildfire forces evacuations

      On this video, at 1:35, you can see an expensive Porsche (German sport car) has burnt down. But all the trees surrounding are perfectly intact! Ask your self why those low trees have green leaves just like nothing happened to them, but Porsche has been completely burnt down with extreme high temperature in the middle of those plants. Answer? Because those trees were protected, but Porsche owned by a rich reptilian was not protected by Galactic Federation of Light. I tell you, now is the cleaning up time for the Earth, cleaning up all the parasites.

      At 1:40, you can see the evacuee, Deborah’s eye shape-shift when she said “animals”. Slow down the Youtube video to 0.25, or repeat that part several times. Then you can see she is NOT a human.

  1. Casa grande Arizona fire June 24 2018

    I know this huge black smoke is from Reptilian Secret Underground Base. Look at the motion of the black smoke. The black smoke spinning just like a tornado. This is the signature of the cleaning up operation of Galactic Federation of Light. I saw this black smoke spinning like a tornado many times including the big (wild = cleaning up) fire at Los Alamos National Laboratory where is connected to infamous Dulce Alien Base in New Mexico.

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