In pictures: Some strange sky phenomena captured in the last few days around the world


Global observations indicate that unusual sky phenomena continue to escalate in both frequency and intensity. Here some pretty baffling ones captured within the last few days around the world.

Is this a contrail or a chemtrail? Look at the spectrum of colors. They are all there! The rising moon creates an intermittent rainbow in the exhaust / spaying of an Airbus A380 at 38,000ft east of Newfoundland, Canada on July 3, 2018.

strange sky phenomena, strange sky phenomenon
Intense rainbow in the exhaust of an airplane over Canada on July 3, 2018. By pilot Brian Whittaker

This phenomenon is created by air vortices that circulate behind the airplane and which create a low-pressure zone where condensation of water vapor can begin. When moonlight passes through the formed ice crystals, it decomposes into a spectrum (dispersion). Or it is chemicals?

This incomplete rainbow was captured over the city of Seattle, Washington, USA on July 6, 2018 by Anthony Kuempel:

strange sky phenomena, strange sky phenomenon
Eerie rainbow over Seattle in July 2018. By Anthony Kuempel

Finally, a partial circumzenithal arc and its tangent halo were captured by the camera of Paweł Kalinowski in the sky over Lodz, Poland, on July 8, 2018.

strange sky phenomena, strange sky phenomenon
circumzenithal arc over Poland on July 7, 2018. By Zjawiskowo

Keep you eyes to the sky! You will get surprised!

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