Prophetic signs in the sky!


These amazing and somehow terrifying pictures of lenticular clouds were captured across northern Russia on January 14, 2023…

prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky
prophetic signs in the sky


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  1. WOW!!!! Absolutely powerful! Russia is not stopping to surprise me! And Russia is also energetically and spiritually most powerful country in the world! Here quality of energy in the world:

    1 best energy in the world: Russia, especially Krasnoyarsk Krai,
    2 best energy in the world: Belarus, Brazil, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Central and South Africa, South Pacific,

    2 worst energy in the world: almost all of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, China, India, both Koreas,
    1 worst energy in the world: USA, Israel, Poland,
    The center of the absolute worst of the worst energy in the world and probably in the universe: Warsaw, Poland.

  2. The absence of the influential heads in the WEF should be an alarm signal for Switzerland, the geographical area of Davos, they know what will come to that place, the Jewish Yanuka as a good kabbalist will have warned them

  3. The issue of Iran sounds like involuntary misinformation since Iran is not a match for the US war machine, much less for NATO as a whole, what does it matter? Many people do not want to see reality, so it will be, hopefully and it will not be too late when the see coming.
    Nor do I think they know that they are giving strength to the arms lobby for free to the detriment of the indebted fiscal fund that grows worse and worse every year together with the economic bubble without any result that justifies said spending, but instead makes the circle of the arms conglomerate richer American, English, Australian and emerging startups

    • Many Iranian people despise their Ayatollah f-tards. The U.S. neocons keep their con job going same as the U.S. lefties and their anti-Russian con job spewing from the mockingturd media buttclowns.

  4. WW3 fears: Iran conducts terrifying military drill -General warns ‘fingers on the trigger’
    IRAN has engaged in a terrifying military operation on the last full day of Donald Trump’s presidency and less than 24 hours before Joe Biden is sworn into office, as a top military chief warns “our fingers are on the trigger”.
    ranian army commandos and paratroopers have engaged in a series of combative exercises on the Gulf coast near Oman. During the mock war games, paratroopers practised abseiling from a helicopter behind enemy lines and images captured troops running with a firearm along the beach.
    WW3 will starts from Iran when closing strait of Hormuz! any questions more?

  5. They could be residual formations as a consequence of the atmospheric rivers that hit Canada, Japan, Eastern and Central Europe, or signs that the same thing will happen in Russia as well.
    Could it be the dew from the overflowing cup of the Lord’s wrath?

  6. Hay .50cal what us buddy good to see you always here … Third Shaking of Planet is in full motion.
    you do not need be having third eye to see it… All nations are ready to go to WW3 and their army all are in final preparations.. Iran army having a week of drill as well Navy, Air Force and Army and Bassijis.. Iran can do nothing.. Israel is ready to final battle of good against evil of mullahs soon.
    WW3 will starts from Iran and closing of strait of Hormuz is very high indeed. We ask Iranian pilots shoot your missile to Ayatollahs they are enemy of Iranian and world . We ask all Iranian have civil disobedience and do not report to bases .. No army no fight.. We ask USA and Israel to arm opposition people to topple this regime is cheapest possible…Other wise attack on Iran without contact is launching soon.

    • Pic. 5 looks like what we had around here. We get strange weather patterns from the mountainous terrain. Have had snow on one half of my land, and sunshine on the other side of my land, simultaneously.

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