Amazing UFO cloud hovers the Outer Banks Beach, North Carolina at sunset


Look at this strange cloud over OBX Beach… It looks like an alien spaceship about to land…

lenticular cloud Outer Banks North Carolina
The strange cloud appeared two days ago at sunset over The Outer Banks Beach. via Facebook

That’s clearly a UFO with it’s cloaking device on…

lenticular cloud Outer Banks North Carolina
It came to look for baby Saucer that burned in Frisco on Hatteras island. via Facebook

It probably came to look for the baby Saucer that was destroyed (by the government) in Frisco on Hatteras island…

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It actually landed years ago and the government created a story about it being a “quirky little house.” Some people knew the real truth though but were liquidated or are spending the rest of their lives in a CIA black site…

lenticular cloud Outer Banks North Carolina
In scientific jargon, it is called a lenticular cloud. This one is actually perfect in shape. via Facebook

Some people call lenticular clouds “flying saucer clouds.” And for good reason! More than one has been mistaken for a UFO.

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Some other nicknames for lenticular clouds include “cloudships,” “clouds of heaven,” and “lennies.” They also have a fancy scientific name: Altocumulus lenticularis.

lenticular cloud Outer Banks North Carolina
Such lenticular clouds are also named UFO clouds. Perfect name in this special case. via Facebook

If you want to know more, here is the Facebook site of the photographer:

This type of cloud normally forms over mountains. So it is really hard to explain how it formed along a beach… But, hey, I don’t think this is another AI fake. Anyway, amazing pictures! [Facebook, Frisco UFO]

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  1. When the Aliens were told that Joe Biden was the leader they were seeking to be taken too they abruptly vanished …

    Meanwhile on the dark side of the moon ..” The Earth is ready for complete take over and colonization as no signs of intelligent life exist…”

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