You really believe this phenomenon is caused by ice crystals?


This amazing sky phenomenon was captured on December 6, 2022, by Nega Shelzer (@krus_vs_insta) from Kibbutz Samar, Southern Israel.

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  1. You all know the U.S. government is putting particles in the atmosphere allegedly to mimic volcanic ejections into the atmosphere and lower the earths temperature? At the same time it is a proven fact that since the 80s overall human IQ has been dropping. I believe we are witnessing the elite’s efforts to reduce the human population by 96% and yet maintain a minimum population they can control and will provide for their every need. Biden actually admitted in a press conference the government is studying the idea of geo-engineering the planet. When the government says they are studying it, they are already doing it.

  2. Seems there’s been a lot of these colorful displays lately. They have an oily appearance. I understand Nibiru in its tail has a lot of petrol chemicals, and the last couple of years more and more falls into the atmosphere. Gives these oily, colorful displays. Sometimes a static discharge ignites it and there’s a slow-moving fireball. A couple of those came down near Denver early this year. My wife and I this summer were looking at the oddest moon. It was about 3/4 full. But had an oily glow to it. Shimmered. I understand petrol clouds from Nibiru’s tail in space float around and get between it and our view. There have been reports of people seeing this affect with the Sun as well. Has an oily greasy look. Fascinating times.

  3. SRM – Solar Radiation Management, i.e. nano particles of aerosolized metals (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Manganese and whatever else they want to spray on us via specially equipped jet aircraft) which they use in combination with ground based (HAARP) and satellite microwave technology beaming millions of watts of energy at these particles which heat up the area surrounding, causing an updraft of cooler air (instant high pressure zones created wherever and whenever they want) and controlling the world’s cloud layer, “and he who controls the weather, will control the world.” Lyndon B. Johnson speech at Harvard University c. 1962

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