A volcano is currently erupting on Mars


Are these pictures showing an eruption of Arsia Mons, a Mars volcano thought to be inactive?

volcanic eruption mars, orographic clouds mars, mars volcano orographic clouds
Is a volcano currently erupting on Mars?
volcanic eruption mars, orographic clouds mars, mars volcano orographic clouds
This strange white trail coming out of the summit of Arsia Mons was captured by the Mars Express orbiter of ESA on October 18, 2018
volcanic eruption mars, orographic clouds mars, mars volcano orographic clouds
This white plume is not about ongoing volcanic activity on the Red Planet Mars.
volcanic eruption mars, orographic clouds mars, mars volcano orographic clouds
This white trail are clouds of water and ice that condense on the summit of Arsia Mons, one of the great volcanoes of Mars.

This image captured by the Mars Express orbiter of ESA on October 18, 2018 really looks like an ash and dust plume coming out of a volcano… The white ‘plume’ or trail is, in fact, an orographic cloud.

These are clouds of water ice that condense on the summit of Arsia Mons, one of the great volcanoes of Mars. They are very common over Arsia at this time of the year. Mountains on Earth can also produce the same phenomenon.

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El Periodico – An active volcano on Mars?


  1. A persistent “cloud” that hangs only in only one direction continually for the last four months yet has NEVER been observed before and is not affecting either of Arisa’s two nearby sister volcano’s? Give us a fukin break!

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  4. In Mars, there is only 1% oxygen in the atmosphere. At that time, during the changes of seasons, a loose cloud usually appears, which quickly disintegrates in its acid and corrosive atmosphere covered by carbon dioxide (95%); Giving it its characteristic ocher color of the Martian atmosphere

  5. The orographic effect of a huge Martian volcano explains the strange white plume captured in images on October 18 by the Mars webcam located on the Mars Express orbiter of the ESA.
    Tanya Harrison, research director of the ASU News Space initiative of the University of Arizona, said that it is not about ongoing volcanic activity on the Red Planet, after comments to the images appeared on social networks.
    “These are clouds of water ice that condense on the summit of Arsia Mons, one of the great volcanoes of Mars, they are very common in Arsia at this time of the year, from the southern hemisphere to the summer,” Harrison said. your Twitter account.
    These clouds are formed on the top of Arsia due to something called ‘orographic effect’, where the clouds are formed from the air that moves over the topography, in this case, a mountain of more than 21,000 meters in height. The mountains on Earth cause this effect too, explains this expert.
    In autumn / winter on Mars, water condenses from the atmosphere to the surface as frost at higher latitudes. In spring / summer, this frost sublimates: it goes directly from solid to vapor, to the atmosphere, and circulates towards the equator.
    Now is the beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere of Mars. The water vapor that hangs in the atmosphere ends up condensing in clouds over Arsia Mons basically because it is really high comparatively.

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  10. Here we go. Steve Quayles short comment on Mars careening out of orbit because of Planet X’s influence blah,blah,blah……..causing the largest volcano in the solar system to erupt. Koo, koo,

  11. This is a BS explanation. This has never been observed before. There isn’t enough water vapor on Mars to do this, and the cloud is about 1/8th the circumference of the planet.

  12. Wow,……….I can’t say anything about the core of Mars or geographical make up, soooooooooooooo I will say that the Aliens are having a BBQ and if you get closer you’ll see Budweiser and all neon signs galore.

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