Biblical deluge and floods hit Iran


It’s raining like hell in Iran since two days. The downpour, that has started on Friday, has been the heaviest during the past 20 years in the northern part of the country. The biblical deluge in the northern and northwestern parts of Iran has killed at least seven people.

The unprecedented floods in the three provinces of Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan destroyed roads, houses and bridges, and caused heavy damage to the infrastructures.

Cars were stuck in flood, and electricity and gas flows in the rural areas have been disrupted.

A pretty insane canyon formed during the storms:

Iran’s Rescue and Relief Organization announced that the rescue operators have been dispatched to the flood-hit areas to help people pump flood out of their houses.

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Unprecedented floods in Iran in October 2018. via Twitter
iran floods,, iran floods video, iran floods pictures, Unprecedented floods in Iran
Floods occur after never-seen rains in the last 20 years in Iran. via Twitter
iran floods,, iran floods video, iran floods pictures, Unprecedented floods in Iran
And the bridge didn’t resist. via Twitter

On Twitter some have other opinions: ‘Iran’s regime refuses to provide adequate infrastructure and the people are left to suffer.‘ Well, I believe the sufferers.

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Xinhuanet – 7 dead in Iran’s northern flood


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  2. @ “Ray” and “Bill”.
    Wow.. You guys are beyond lame.
    You know nothing about Iran except what the MSM has fed you. Mostly LIES.
    Iran is the only country worldwide to say F U to Standard Oil and the ENTIRE Rothschild Banking Cartel.
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  4. Lois Vogel sharp prophesied flooding in Iran and a dam break back on 9-30-18 that’s one of two now let’s see what all that water does.

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