Miracle or mystery in Arizona?


Did these three women really see Jesus while walking the Dreamy Draw Mountain in Arizona? At least they say they experienced something supernatural.

They saw a firgure at the top of the mountain, which then suddenly disappeared.

The women climbed to the very top where the figure stood, and found there an envelope lying on the rocks. The note read: “Do you believe in angels?”

I do. What about you?

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Youtube – VIDEO: ‘Miracle’ on a Valley mountain


  1. I thought it might be true because Jesus is still alive until $300 inside the envelope found. I don’t think Jesus can give you $100. Money is the Fake money created by Reptilian entities. Reptilians can create their money out of thin air. They can input any digits they want into their bank account. Money is the Reptilian tool in order to enslave human. I hope this “Jesus” can donate $100 to Strangesounds.org. I believe this is the staged and scripted hoax story just like Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting with bunch of crisis actors and actresses.

  2. What a stupid hoax story!
    So these student were thinking Jesus typed this letter, put it in envelop, and add $300 in it?
    I am sure one of her fraternity friend tried to joke with them in this way !!

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