Third most energetic meteor of 2018 explodes over Reunion Island with an impact energy close to 1.9 kT


On September 25, 2018, the third most energetic fireball of 2018 exploded over Reunion island at 2:10 pm UT. The very bright meteor was detected by NASA sensors and the calculated impact energy was close to 1.9 kT.

Very bright meteor fireball explodes over Reunion island and Mauritius on September 25 2018, fireball news, meteor news
Very bright meteor fireball explodes over Reunion island and Mauritius on September 25, 2018.

1.9kT is the third most energetic meteor event since the beginning of the year. The amazing sky phenomenon occurred South of Reunion and Mauritius Islands, over the Indian Ocean, leaving no chances of finding associated meteorites.

The two larger energetic events occurred over Russia on June 21, and Greenland on July 25.

And it seems that weird things love to happen over those remote islands in September. Just a bit more than 1 year ago, on September 14, 2017, exactly, another huge fireball rattled homes on La Reunion and Mauritius islands. This weird orb was also flying over both islands in September 2013.

Very bright meteor fireball explodes over Reunion island and Mauritius on September 25 2018, fireball news, meteor news
Very bright meteor fireball explodes over Reunion island and Mauritius on September 25, 2018.

Enigmatic, isn’t it?

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IMO – Bright fireball over Reunion/Mauritius islands on September 25
IMO – Daytime Fireball over Russia on June 21
IMO – Energetic fireball over Greenland on July 25


  1. The 2004 Tsunami was not caused by an earthquake or shift in the earth. At around 6:30pm in South Africa I saw a massive almost perfectly round ball which looked like a smaller version of the moon. Moving realatively slowy in a low arc across the skies. It came from the Suth west and took about 3 minutes to cross the dusk evening sky. Flames were comming of it and some smoke as well. Almost a blackish smoke. There were bright red burning areas on the orb. It was round like the moon. I guessed its trajectory was heading other side of Mauritius. Indonesia very possible I thought. According to all the informaion I have gleaned from scientists this should have been an extinction even. It was massive but was not streaking across the sky. Its movement was quite slow enough for the flames comming of it to dance like flames do. Could it have been a ball shaped space craft in trouble.

  2. Tsunamis are not caused by quakes. They are caused by abnormal movements of the earth such as an axis shift. A quake can only push water in sequential waves like throwing a rock into a pond and creating circular waves. A shift of the earth such as Indonesia in Dec 2004, shifted the earth north but the water did not shift with it causing the water to recede from the beaches from Africa to Southeast Asia. When the shifting stopped, the water surged forward with huge tsunami waves killing over 250,000 people.
    A quake cannot cause the water to recede from the beaches. The poor excuse of a scientific community is confused because quake vibrations travel faster than water waves so the quake vibrations reach the sensors first, thus they assume the quakes are responsible. Tsunamis are always caused by abnormal planetary shifts and these same shifts often cause unstable tectonic plates to bump into adjacent plates causing a quake simultaneously with the tsunami.
    However when a low grade disturbance in our rotation caused low grade tsunamis on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America at the same time in Aug 2017, the scientific community did not have any quakes to blame them on so they renamed them as “Oceans in Opposition”.
    The scientific community lacks the engineering skills to understand how the planetary shifts are causing the tsunamis and how a Quake can only push waves but not cause water to recede from beaches. Thus, they have improperly placed the tsunami sensors. Sensors to detect water reversal or receding should be placed about a half mile away from every coastline or beach which has ever had a tsunami in its past. And space them about 5 miles apart. If they were set up to automatically activate tsunami sirens with a voice recording warning people in their native language and English to seek higher ground immediately, most of those victims would not have died. And there would be few false tsunami warnings. The big tsunamis are usually accompanied by quakes above 7.0… usually between 8.0 and 9.0+ Richter scale and located at unstable tectonic plates typically in the ring of fire. Indonesia being the most unstable plate.
    If you would like to see how a tsunami is created by an abnormal shift of the earth, take a long rectangular pan and put about 2 inches of water in it, then pull it fast across smooth ground or sidewalk and watch how the water pulls toward the back of the pan. Then stop pulling suddenly and see how the water surges forward. This is how the sudden abnormal movement or shift of the earth causes the waters to recede from the beaches and when the movement stops, the water surges forward in tsunami waves toward the beaches. The faster the movement and the more abruptly the movement ends dictates the size and strength of the tsunami.
    These shifts are being caused by the melting of ice in Antarctica which acts as a gyroscopic anchor for the earths axis tilt. The more the ice melts, the more the planet shifts. On the summer solstice in June you can see just how far the sun is north of the tropic of cancer in the north. And for the southern hemisphere… how far south of the tropic of Capricorn the sun is located on their summer solstice in December. On the 21st of June, take a look at the positions of the sunrise and sunsets. The sun should never be farther north of the tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico. You can also check the noon shadows (standard time) with a pole to see where it points, keeping in mind the sun travels in an arc.
    During the last 14 months we have had nearly a dozen tsunamis. Prior to this, the tsunamis since 2004 were only occurring every 2 to 5 years. And for the first time, the sun was farther north this past July than it was on the June Solstice which implies an issue with our orbit. The sun was only 5 degrees from being true north.
    The fall and spring equinoxes are always the center no matter how far off our solstices sun becomes. The sun is normal during these Spring and Fall seasons, so don’t try to look for the sun variance until your summer solstice. That is the only time you can see how far the sun is out of its position.
    I hope the situation improves but I think we should be prepared to survive catastrophic emergencies with our weather and horrendous heat waves in the summer and bitter cold winters and super storms. The arctic circle countries and even Los Angeles were suffering from 106F degree heat waves this past July and August because the sun was so far north. Los Angeles suffered due to the loss of the ice cold arctic ocean current along the west coast.
    Indonesia is being subjected to nonstop earthquakes, a tsunami and a volcanic eruption just in the past few days. Their tectonic plate is the most unstable and sensitive to any shift of the planet.


    Fire that emanates from the earth in the south of Palu, Indonesia 3 October 2018, and Strange Phenomena in South Africa, it looked like blood seeping out from ground were very interesting. Those blood were from Reptilians who were living in attacked Secret Underground city or military base??? I tell you that those predators who drink human blood and eat human as their food have to be extinct.

  4. Somebody was talking about meteor shower, earthquake and tsunami might happen in California. He warned people in California to get out from there by 11th or 12th of this month. He believes something big might happen to California on October 16, yes 16th of this month. I am not sure about that. But some people can receive some vision. So far, I have not received any vision that California will be destroyed by Oct 16, but I am sure, soon or later, California will be gone and so as USA, the modern Babylon. Salusa, a commander of Galactic Federation of Light suggested me “You can enjoy traveling space and planets.” when I was planning to go camping around Four Corners (Colorado & Utah). I felt I might not have enough time to go camping, but after the Earth Change, I can travel space and to some other planets freely. The time for Earth Change might be sooner than we think.

    He starts talking about at 25:00 on the video below.

    EEA Live!!! Call In & Share 614-400-5835!!! October 2, 2018 10PM EST

    • Another guy was talking about Hilina Slump in Hawaii is going to slide because of the Space Weather = Strong Energy is coming to the Earth in this month. If Hilina Slump slides, a gigantic tsunami might be coming to California.

    • I waiting for the free travel sooo soo badly! thats my main motivation, so i can start to explore the truth finally.

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