GET READY: An Atmospheric River could keep parts of the San Francisco Bay Area in a continuous loop of rain for 30 hours


The storm door opened on Tuesday. But that was just the appetizer. A stronger and longer lasting Atmospheric River soaks the Bay Area starting Thursday.

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Atmospheric river will engulf the San Francisco Bay Area bringing rain for more than 30 hours.

An Atmospheric River, or “AR”, event is a narrow band of heavy rain less than 200 miles wide, which brings significant rainfall to an area.

This conveyor belt of rain could keep parts of the Bay Area in a continuous loop of rain for 30 hours. Potential rainfall totals reach 1 to 2 inches outside of the South Bay where you receive half this much.

Remember what you dealt with while driving during Wednesday’s rain? Well, you can expect more of that, but on a wider scale. Now here is the science behind an Atmospheric River:

I know it’s Black Friday, but you can’t be in a hurry while you’re out shopping. Slow down and be safe.

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ABC7 News – Atmospheric River could bring 30 straight hours of rain to Bay Area


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  2. Atmospheric River is what Northern California needs! It will wash all the dirt and ash away from burnt areas. Just be careful of the big possibilities of mudslides. Everything is because of Karma and consequences (cause and effect). Now is the time for all reptilians and humans on the Earth to learn the law of universe that is “cause and effect”.

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