What is that purple light in the sky? A strange purple glow is increasingly observed in the US sky and nobody knows why!


An unusual and strange purple glow is increasingly being reported illuminating the sky over different places in the United States.

But the reason behind this weird sky phenomnon remains unclear.

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Mysterious purple sky keep up on appearing across the US but nobody knows why! via Youtube video

Here some witnesses’ testimonies and their videos recording the sange sky phenomenon

October 13, 2018 – Location: River Kuyahoga, Ohio – I went outside to make sure that it was not the light of the lamp and noticed that the purple sky was only in one place.

October 13, 2018 – Location: Cleveland, Ohio -I was heading to a gas station when I saw this strange light in the sky that I had never seen before.

October 26, 2018 – Location: Dayton, Ohio – Just saw it on the way to work. It seems that it was above the clouds, and not below it, and it was motionless. Strange …

October 31, 2018 – Location Bellevue, WA – Witness: A strange glow in recent days illuminates the sky and it is not a searchlight, I do not understand what it is.

November 4, 2018 – Location: Wisconsin -I have never seen anything like it. What is that purple light in the sky?

Here my articles about purple skies over Florida and Ohio during Hurricane Michael, over Santiago de Chile and over California.

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  5. It’s Prince, putting on his last big light show before the music starts, as the End of the World begins!

  6. Lilac or purple-tinted lightning is usually the most commonly observed colour. It is often caused by precipitation, so the observation of it most likely means that the thunderstorm generating it will be a high-precipitation storm

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    Live Stream of More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6kpUIr4CSw

    • Feather River Hospital with 40~50 people are trapped by FIRE. One of the hospital buildings (next to the main hospital building) has been completely burnt down. There are still many people in Butte College remaining. They have to evacuate before FIRE consumes them.

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    More info:
    Live Wildfire coverage of the #CampFire in Butte Co CA.

  9. It could be from people gifting the environment with orgonite to counter the effects of geo-engineering. Ionizing the atmosphere is a good thing.

  10. it’s due to the cosmic rays hitting earth due to the waning magnetosphere, this due to the grand solar minimum. check out oppenheimer ranch project on youtube.

    • But why the chemtrails to hide this in the sky? I can relate to that possibility but u have to watch how these clouds are moving. I know sounds weird but they look guided. I have the 1st page of a pdf that mentions how to control scattered clouds using coded metasurfaces.

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