Like a tsunami: Huge wave slams into beachfront property in Sanibel, Florida


Strong winds and storms have been battering Southwest Florida all day Thursday… And this terrifying video shows one of the resulting waves slamming into a beachfront property in Sanibel… Like a tsunami:

The surging wave sent people scrambling for cover as it washed ashore past the cottages and across the road. The water flooded the inside of several beach cottages, and about twelve guests had to be re-located to vacant cottages farther from the beach, according to the resort manager.

The original video was take by Victoria Mancha, an employee at Castaways Beach and Bay Cottages on the north end of Sanibel:

We’ve moved them over to our marina side,” said Castaways manager Rick Boyd. “We’ve thankfully got a few that are empty this weekend.

We just weren’t expecting anything like that. It was just very bizarre,” he added.

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Strong winds and storms have been battering Southwest Florida all day Thursday, and one Fox 4 viewer captured stunning video of a wave slamming into a beachfront property.

The National Weather Service has issued a High Surf Advisory and High Rip Current Risk for much of the Southwest Florida coast, including Lee County and Sanibel, until 9pm Saturday.

This happens just 3 days after the largest wave event was recorded in the San Francisco Bay.

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[Fox4 News]


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