M6.7 earthquake hits Prince Edward Islands region


A strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hit the Prince Edward Islands region – 43.078°S 42.226°E – on January 22, 2019, 19:01:43 (UTC) at a depth of 10km (6.2miles).

strong earthquake prince edward islands antarctica, strong earthquake prince edward islands antarctica map
Strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits Prince Edward Islands between South Africa and Antarctica. Map via USGS

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    An explosion at a gas pipeline more than 600 miles away occurred minutes before a dramatic drop in pressure forced energy officials to shut down natural gas to the lower portion of Aquidneck Island on Monday.

  2. Seismogram in Jorden Valley in Oregon is very active. You can see some volcano lava bed and hot springs nearby.

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  3. Mt Rainier is going to erupt anytime soon! People living around Puget Sound area should prepare for an emergency pack with all the necessity so that they can grab it and run. If you live on the bottom of the valley, look for higher ground when eruption happens. Muddy-ash Tsunami is coming after all the glaciers of Mt Rainier melt and bury the low-lying area.

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