It’s BIBLICAL in Australia right now! MILLIONS OF ANIMALS DIE due to ongoing extreme temperatures and dry weather


Thousands of birds have been found dead at one of Western Australia’s most important inland wetlands, but the cause behind the mass kill remains a mystery. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of fish have died in Australia’s Darling River conditions and bats are falling from the trees in biblical proportion around Adelaide as a result of the extreme weather. Researchers and at least a few other people like you and me are concerned about other animals in the country, as a new wave of very hot temperature will hit Australia this week and dry weather is predicted to continue. Weather war is raging out there!

Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia., Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia. pictures, Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia. videos, Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia. january 2019
Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia.

25,000 bats – flying foxes – died over two days last November as Australia experienced record-breaking temperatures of more than 42 °C (107 °F).

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Thousands of dead bats on the ground near Sydney on January 7, 2018.

One week ago, hundreds of thousands of different kinds of fish have died asphyxiated in Australia’s Darling River as a result of the extreme weather conditions. Nothing will stop this fish kill unless we get proper river flows and water levels in our dams back up to normal.

Now, it was found that several thousand birds had mysteriously died at Lake Gregory – a permanent freshwater lake located between the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert and was previously described as the most important inland wetland in Australia.

A department investigation excluded bird flu and Newcastle disease as a cause of death, but later identified the presence of blue-green algae close to the lake.

lake gregory birds die-off january 2019, lake gregory birds mass die-off, thousands of birds die at lake gregory australia
Thousands of birds found dead in WA’s ‘most important’ inland wetland, Lake Gregory. Picture by Australia’s North West

According to biologists: ” The water level at the lake is very low, coupled with recent very high temperatures in the area, which may have contributed to the deaths of the birds. Waterbirds are vulnerable to these natural ecosystem changes. Recent rain in the area appears to have alleviated the issue.”

Yes, because, in addition to the record-breaking temperatures, Australia suffered periods of intense drought, causing water levels to drop and heat up. This set the stage for major blooms of cyanobacteria, which may have helped to deplete the dissolved oxygen in the water.

Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia., Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia. pictures, Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia. videos, Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia. january 2019
Millions fish die in massive fish kill in lower Darling River, Australia.

Researchers and at least a few other people like you and me are concerned about other animals in the country, as a new wave of very hot temperature will hit Australia this week and dry weather is predicted to continue. Flying foxes are likely not the only species that are sensitive to the extreme heat, but because large numbers of the bats live in urban areas, their deaths are hard to miss. “It raises concerns as to the fate of other creatures who have more secretive, secluded lifestyles.

Thousands of birds, millions of fish and tens of thousands of bats die due to the ongoing weather war… Stop playing with our weather! Stop trying to control it! The level of threat to those sites is high … wetlands, rivers and parks are highly productive environments, but are also easily disturbed.

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[Nature, SMH, AP]


  1. I am, of course, sometimes afflicted with wild flights of fancy. But this is cyclical, albeit dramatic, change over time. There will be rain again.

  2. Most of the die offs have nothing to do with the weather. The weather is not especially hot for our summers the hysteria being generated by media is ridiculous. It is actually quite cool and raining in Western Australia at the moment too.

  3. There is NOTHING Biblical about this. It’s not recorded in the scriptures, and it’s NOT the fulfillment of ANY prophecy. God does NOT perform such judgements at this time, and will not until the final battle, which is ABOUT TO HAPPEN by the way. He will destroy EVERYONE who is “part of the world”, meaning anyone who is part of it’s machinations, religions (Christendom included), governments, and armies and anything else involved in the world as now ruled by Satan. Satan will be abyssed for judgement day (1000 years) and there will be a resurrection of the righteous (small number of annointed sons of God) and the unrighteous (all who died not as a judgement before the final battle). Everyone destroyed in the tribulation and final battle will remain dead permanently. Then, and only then, will animals and people and the world’s infrastructure be completely destroyed. This animal die off is NOT part of any of that.

  4. I’m in new south wales (Aust) we have been in drought for a long time now, it seems the haarp arrays are focussed on us.We have 3 haarp sites in Aust, they’re evenly spread across the continent.My back yard garden is looking very poor-does’ nt matter how much water l put onto it.Mid 40°C again today.

    • Art I’m from NSW but live in WA today. You’re getting our typical summers and we’re getting something much milder. It is actually as if weather patterns have shifted. If you’re aware of the issue with the earths magnetic poles at this time and solar activity there’s no mystery here at all.

  5. There’s been massive continual chemtrail spraying in Australia!
    We live in the remote country Australia & anyone with two eyes can see the blatant weather engineering going on. & it’s NOT for our good!
    This is NOT condensation trails but big long thick billowing trails coming out of planes that blanket the entire sky over a period of time & stay there for hours.
    We have plagues of grass hoppers & locusts that are eating everything in sitght.
    There goes our food supply this year.
    It’s like the plaques of Egypt!
    What next?
    The first born?

  6. This is what happens to a nation when the government and its people reject God in everything including there own safety. They are so ignorant and wicked, there destruction is coming upon them and they can’t even see it. unless they repent and turn from there wicked ways and bow down to God and ask him for forgiveness of there sins nationally, especially there wicked leaders then nothing will change there condition in there nation, it will wax worse and worse as the months go on. this is what is coming to New York, California, Mass., Washington State, Oregon, Washington DC and other lawless child killing states for there wicked and evil perverted sins. as well as many other sins to numerous to mention here.

    • Rubbish Bill, this is what happens every now and then in nature in this huge island continent. God doesn’t like judgemental pricks by the way.

    • LOL. Volunteers have stacked them like that. They are also laid out neatly in lines. For counting probably.

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    • I recommend not to go to a hospital. All hospitals are operated by Reptilian entities. Basically, what hospitals are doing are organ harvest with unnecessary surgeries, poisoning people with poisons called medicines, human experiments with all kinds of crazy procedures and abducting and killing people for their (=Reptilians’) consumption. Basically, if you enter a hospital, you might not able to get out alive!

  9. It’s not a mystery. It’s called Fukushima…It’s been dumping millions of pounds of radioactive waste straight into the Pacific since 2011. The core meltdowns were sooo hot, every single thing that got near them melted, then they lost the cores into the earth / ocean. Now what do you think is happening in the oceans, explaining the huge die offs, hurricane now over the Pacific, & on & on. It’s an Extinction Level Event & the Wo rld Governments all know it, but don’t say anything.

  10. Cataclysme de la planète X: le soleil mourant et la terre dérivant à travers l’espace
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  14. Mt Rainier’s magma is boiling and rising up. When you see this seismogram, you can easily imagine that boiling water bubbling up, but instead of water, magma is bubbling up just under the crater of Mt Rainier ready for destroying the very populated Puget Sound area including Seattle and Tacoma.

  15. Next mass die offs might be (low vibration) humans and Reptilians. Yesterday, I passed beside the newly built huge hospital with a large parking lot in Florence, Alabama. I saw so many cars parked and could not find vacant parking lot at all. What this means? It is almost human and Reptilian mass die offs?

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