Very shallow M5.3 earthquake – rapidly downgraded to M4.6 by USGS – hits Utah-Colorado border


A 4.6-magnitude earthquake struck Monday morning about 10:22 a.m. 4 miles south of Bedrock, Colorado. Several residents in Moab and Monticello have felt the quake. Over 650 reports of felt shaking have already been received by USGS.

earthquake colorado utah march 4 2019, earthquake colorado utah march 4 2019 map
A very shallow M4.6 earthquake hit Colorado-Utah border on March 4 2019. Map via USGS

The M4.6 earthquake was very shallow (0.8 km) and felt over a wide area with more than 659 people reporting feeling some shakings in Utah and Colorado.

The USGS initially reported the quake was 5.3 magnitude, before quickly downgrading it to 4.6. TOO STRONG TO BE TRUE? Such earthquakes happen very rarely in Colorado! The largest recent earthquake was a M5.3 in 2011.

The epicenter was located about 40 miles southeast of Moab.

Moab police said in a tweet they have not received any reports of damage or any further earthquake-related issues.

Over 100 earthquakes shook the Bluffdale, Utah area between Feb. 13 and 21., the highest magnitude being 3.7.

The most recent, notably large earthquake in Colorado occurred August 23, 2011 just southwest of Trinidad. The largest earthquake in Colorado history was Nov 7th, 1882, near Rocky Mountain National Park; estimates vary but it was about a Magnitude 6.5.

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  1. This “earthquake” is actually a Nephilim-caused movement of the earth, i.e. a portal opening to this world for the monsters to come through.

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