11 of 11 coastal Antarctic stations show ZERO warming over past decades… But instead Antarctic COOLING


Over the past few years, climate alarmists have increasingly been resorting to weather-ambulance chasing, which has necessitated the trotting of the globe in the search of weather anomalies to behold as proof of man-made climate change.

But one place they have been avoiding like the plague is Antarctica as a number of studies have been showing the opposite of what was predicted. Analysis of 11 coastal Antarctic stations show cooling, not warming!

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Antarctica is not warming… It’s cooling!

Today we look at 10 Antarctic station under operation in Antarctica, scattered along the Antarctic coastline and operated by various countries. With the 2018 data in, it’s a good time to look at the long-term temperature trends of these stations.

10 Antarctica stations measuring more cooling trends than warming trends.

We do know that Antarctic sea ice extent has seen an impressive upward trend over the past 40 years, and so tells us cooling may be at play:

Antarctic sea ice has gained steadily over the past 40 years. Chart: Comiso et al, 2017

What follows are annual mean temperature charts of each of the 11 Antarctic stations unimpacted by volcanic activity.

Butler Island and Neumayer

Both show a clear downward trend:


Halley as well shows a downward station since 1956:

Syowa and Casey

Data from the Japan operated Syowa station and the Australia Casey stations both show no trend since 1961. Here we see no signs of any warming:


The Davis station data go back 35 years and show a flat trend (very slight cooling in fact). No warming has been detected there since the great global warming scare began in the 1980s.


This Antarctic station shows a clear cooling trend over the past 30 years:


The Mirnyl station has been recording temperature data since 1967, i.e. more than half a century. Although very flat, it shows a very slight cooling trend:

Dumont D’Urvi and Mawson

Both D’Urvi and Mawson Antarctic stations have recorded data going back to the 1950s. As the following chart tells us, there’s been no warming at these two long term stations as well.


This station has not seen any warming in 40 years. Instead the trend has been cooling.

None show warming

In summary, not a single Antarctic coastal station shows warming, with most showing cooling. Now you know why the climate change ambulance chasers have been silent about this remote, vastly undisturbed continent.

Next we look at the annual temperatures of the 5 stations of the South Shetland Islands (located in the Antarctic Ocean).

South Shetland Islands

They too show no warming since 1993. http://Met.An , Marsh has had no warming trend since 1977. Where’s the warming? There certainly isn’t any at the South Pole.

Antarctic seas cooling, new study shows

Finally a fresh comprehensive study by Zhous et al also suggests that summertime sea surface temperatures (SSTs) all around Antarctic coast have been COOLING.

This is really inconvenient news for the global warming alarmists. Just when they predicted the South Pole would warm and start a dramatic melting, nothing or the opposite has in fact happened.

Grand failure as grounds for dismissal

It’s time to dismiss these alarmists as complete failures. They should be fired permanently, and never be allowed to practice science again. Their failed predictions have led the global community on a wild policy goose chase that has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and set back progress in the developing countries by many years.

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  1. ambulance chasing? Like the whole SE USA recently? 2/3(?) of India right now? Is this site on the coming Ice Age bandwagon too? Grand Solar Minimum, blah blah blah. Last I checked big forest fires aren’t caused by cooling weather. Nor bark beetle outbreaks. See Western USA, etc…

    Meanwhile…on the right hand side of this blog.


    sure…there will be areas that will get cold at times, and maybe even some places will get colder overall and/or record cold for a particular date…but what is the overall picture?

    In the past 4 years alone – been to Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Chile, Argentina, France, Austria, Scotland, Iceland, Norway (Svalbard), Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, various places in the USA, Canada, Azores, Greenland, Uruguay, Denmark…different times of the year. Had a rental car in many of these places…so I drove around a lot.

    The theme I see and experience and from talking to people is warming weather, not colder. Though I did experience cold/snow in Europe recently for May 2019 (Gulf stream shutdown? And/or something else?). 😉 In Portugal I saw a forest fire on TV and in the distance through my hotel window in Porto I could see the heavy smoke (Sept). Record breaking heat throughout SW and most of Spain that month – 2016 – it was really hot.

    Of course…lived through forest smoke spreading in the PNW in two of the last few Augusts…which hung around for weeks…doesn’t sound like a cooling planet overall to me.

    Yeah..I’ve seen every SOTT monthly compilation, a lot of Two Preachers – most of their compilations, World of Signs, and numerous other channels. Numerous, as in many. Some channels are better/worse for certain kinds of events. I see flash floods, big rain events, abnormal & unseasonable cold, wildfires, animals dying due to heat… heat waves don’t get much play on these channels…because they are boring.

    Well…that’s my rebuttal. Oh…my favorite climate doc is – The Great Global Warming Swindle. As I said… and/or something else? 😉

    • You just traveled a bit more than i did and good that you spoked with the locals. but note that they many times don’t dare to talk about real things, even for themselves.

      -Naturally- the heat is rising. the frequency is growing. naturally these years should be the chance to pick up these frequencies and get along with the infinite knowledge and confident what the real reality as this God provide for us.
      BUT! !

      they who have the governial and barbarian system power to control–i have to laugh on this– cooling the air and environment with chemicals. i already spoked somewhere here about it .
      this chemicals are have massive effect and they stay in the water when reach surface. you cant reallly see clear sky anymore. when its fully blue, that is also not clear sky. and two other sidething about this antarctica datas. 1.they can spray anything and everytime when they want, there ove Antarctica.
      2.They can put any numbers into the computer and publish that.
      you can’t double check it. even if you can..
      ..well who can do that, do it ! : )

      almost said a secret here but not now.

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