This map tells you if you’ll survive an Atomic Bomb


The current food and politic instabilility around the world sounds like a cocktail even Dr Strangelove would find too strong…

So, if you’ve got Cold War 2 anxiety and are curious to see if you’d survive a nuclear war, head over to

nuclear nuke survival map tools, This map tells you if you are going to survive a nuclear nuke
This map tells you if you are going to survive a nuclear nuke. via Would I survive

All you need to do is tap in your location and you’ll get a map showing you the blast radius of a range of different strength nukes, and even a “Dinosaur-ending meteor” mode. The circles denote First Degree Burns, Second Degree Burns, Third Degree Burns, and Death.

It’s all just a bit of a joke, although it does give you some insight into the massive power of these weapons. Nevertheless, the website does have the rather discerning disclaimer, “This site is not intended to influence you or anyone else to make decisions regarding the safety of you or of anyone else in the event of a nuclear or any other type of attack.

Such tools are important to prepare in case of a nuclear bomb attack. Be prepared!


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