Vampire Spider Sucks Blood of Bat Trapped in Its Web (Video)


Did you say vampire spider?

A stunned Texas woman captured moments of a garden spider about the size of her palm killing and sucking the blood of a bat that was trapped in its web.

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Giant spider kills bat in Texas

This is freaking me out! Wow! Yes, I am talking here about a spider that is eating a bat!

Or better sucking its blood… As when the recorder of the video got back from work the bat looked dry, “like a prune,” and “it was dead.“

And a day later, the bat had disappeared but the large spider was still there.

Now, the vampire spider has been dubbed “Zoe, the Spider-Woman”… And if it turns out to be a male, its name is going to be Peter (Pan).

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  1. Argiope aurantia – that’s a big ‘un! I’m glad they don’t get that big here!
    That’s a female, the male is MUCH smaller.

  2. This is stupid. All spiders eat like that. They need to liquify the interiour of their prey in order to eat. What can you do if you have no teeth…? Sure, catching a bat is certainly unusual, but dubbing the (georgeous!) spider a vampire is just another pointlessly sensationalist headline.

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