I Wonder If It’s TRUE


Sometimes people capture 2 suns in the sky!

I wonder if it is true!

two suns, nibiru, planet X, 2 stars in the sky
Is this phenomenon true? Pic via Facebook

What do you think?

Thank you to Jeeten Singh for sending me this picture of two stars (suns) in the sky on Facebook.

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  1. It’s just the sun simulator. Google it. That’s all that’s up there now. Sun apparently is dark. Look on u tube, investigate it. You’ll be shocked.

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  3. I seen it first hand when on a vacation to the caribbean islands. I called my family outside to the balcony to confirm it and they all saw the same thing. If one bothers to research they will see that the mass majority of systems in the galaxy are in fact binary systems. Meaning two suns. Perhaps that explains the repeated extinction level events that happen here on earth. Perhaps thats what the ancestors truly meant when they said the return of the sun will cast judgment.
    I know what I saw was real. It wasn’t a reflection or mirage but in fact two suns in the sky. One smaller than the other. all over the world this has been reported. It has even made main stream news several times, only not in the united states. But places like China, Russia, Peru and more.

      • Yes, I did actually. There is science to support a second sun as well. Most systems are binary. Its also a presiding theory on why we have annual mass extinctions on this planet.

  4. Every sun has a binary partner. We already know this. This one is ours. It comes back once every fear 1000 years and purges the planet of evil. 99% are getting ready to die.

    • We have no second sun.
      Nothing kills all life every 1,000 years.
      If it did, we wouldn’t have had time to evolve. Lol
      You people are idiots

      • Earths own history proves there is a mass extinction level event that repeats. Ever hear of the missing link? Humans did not evolve from monkeys on our own, sorry. You my friend are only one showing idiocy here. Dig into the histories and ancient cultures of this planet. Many have spoken of this for thousands of years.

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