Car vs Russian


Car vs Russian

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  1. After watching one of these on Reddit a year or so ago, I asked if drivers get mad at the scammers who try this. Someone replied with a link to a video of a Russian trying this shit, and the driver gets out of the car and starts punching him. It was very satisfying. I guess I would do the same thing, same as if someone were trying to steal my phone or wallet.

  2. OH MY GOD!
    This is my city (Ekaterinburg, Russia) and my neighborhood (ul. Pekhotincev), haven’t been there for a while, and never thought about seeing this street on Reddit!

    As for people there – nothing changed

  3. That’s exactly why most of the cars in Russia have dash cams, people were throwing themselves at cars and getting money from the actual ‘victims’. They were also running insurance companies out of money.

    Now that most of the cars have the cameras, insurance fraud like this has been virtually eradicated.

  4. Do not admit to a dash cam. Wait until the scammer gets you into court, then bring along the cam video. That way the perp can be tried for perjury, false report, etc. Maybe even do jail time.


  5. If someone ever does this to you and you have a dash cam, wait for the police to come. If you say to them “I have a dash cam!” They’ll run away. Let the police get there first and then show them the footage

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