I didn’t see that coming


I didn’t see that coming

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  1. I had little cousins like 8-10 drive me around in motorcycles back when I visited the Philippines. Stuff is far from normal when it comes to youth responsibility and general ability

  2. My uncle used to drive my grandfather’s farm truck around when he was 12. He would often head into town and get farming supplies from the Feed/Hardware shop. Sadly, he would even have to pick my Grandfather from the bar because he was too drunk to drive. They all lived in a small community of a few hundred people. So, the sheriff and deputies were all very close friends to my Grandfather.

    So they would turn a blind eye to my uncle’s underage driving. Especially if he was driving my Grandfather home from the bar. The local sheriff just warned him they would give him a ticket if he drove on the highway.

    1960s were a different time.

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