Worker Nearly Hit By Plane making emergency landing Sept 2019


Worker Nearly Hit By Plane making emergency landing Sept 2019

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  1. Emergency landing my ass. That’s not even a taxiway. Forget about the runway. That’s flat out of control.
    Damn plane is sideways without landing gear.

    I’m calling it a crash.

  2. (First ever Reddit post, figured this was a good one to start on)

    I actually work for the airport and was one of the first responders to the scene to secure the wreckage. The aircraft lost the engine on takeoff and attempted to circle back to land and was unable to make the runway. What you don’t see is prior to impact, the right wing clipped a palm tree and a light pole, slowing the aircraft and forcing it to the ground. The tail struck a tree first and ripped off, followed by the rear portion of the fuselage on the fence corner, then the left wing into the fence pole.

    It was a miracle the aircraft didn’t erupt in flames since it was full of fuel and headed for a cross-country flight.

    A lot of things could’ve gone horribly wrong (well, more wrong) but thankfully everyone survived with minimal injuries.

  3. Holy crap. Run that frame by frame and you’ll see the plane’s engine get shaved off by a simple fence post, and one of the wings whirls like a spinning knife within inches of that man’s shins. He got about as lucky as a person can get, twice in the same second.

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