The Well to Hell


Siberia is known for snow, political prisoners and exiles… It’s the hell on Earth!

And a group of scientists digging in the area found the road to hell. And after hearing the sound of all the suffering souls coming out of the pit, they decided to stop the project to leave what’s down there, down there.

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the well to hell

There is the ‘Door To Hell’ in Uzbekistan… And the ‘Well to Hell’ in Siberia.

What is the Well to Hell?

The story goes back in 1989, when geologists digging what’s believed to be the Kola Superdeep Borehole were startled after drilling around 12-14 kilometres into the Earth’s crust.

There, sensors recorded a massive temperature spike to 2,000°F (1,100°C) accompanied by what sounded like masses of people screaming and wailing in pain and torment.

The scientists then watched in horror as a massive cloud of gas burst out from the ground and formed itself into a large monstrous bat, which then wrote in Russian “I have conquered” in fiery letters across the night sky.

Coast to Coast AM: The Well to Hell Audio (recording begins around 1:55)

Is the Well to Hell fake?

The media sources most credited for reporting the story are a Finnish Christian publication known as ”Ammennusastia‘ and TBN, a North American Christian broadcast network.

For many people this whole episode of scientists finding hell by digging a really deep hole seems as plausible as reaching heaven with a really tall ladder.

Unsurprisingly the account is often dismissed as a hoax, created by Christian organisations to spread fear of the Devil.

Regardless of whether it was based on some actual event or it was totally fake, the ‘Well to Hell’ tale can still be credited for creating some of the freakiest audio recordings to ever be broadcast on radio as an alleged true event.

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