“The Door to Hell” Is a Giant Burning Pit in the Middle of the Desert


There are many versions of the devil, and many interpretations of what it means for him to walk the Earth.

This is his terrifying gate: The Door To Hell!

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View of ‘The door to hell’ in Turkmenistan. Photo: John H.Bradley

Russia and its satellite countries have plenty of hidden mysteries such as weird round holes found in the forest or the city of Samara, also named the sinkhole city of Russia.

the door to hell, the door to hell turkmenistan, the door to hell in Uzbekistan
The door to hell. Photo John H.Bradley

“The Door to Hell” is another weird and unexpected place situated near the village of Darvaz (Derweze) in the middle of the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan.

It’s the Russian equivalent of the immortal ground fire phenomenon, but like all Russian equivalents of anything, it is much, much worse than the alternative.

What is the Door To Hell?

The Door to Hell was a large gas-mining camp that fell entirely into a massive sinkhole.


the door to hell, the door to hell sinkhole, the door to hell sinkhole. Photo: John H.Bradley
the door to hell sinkhole. Photo: Wikipedia

Then, Russians officials decided that the best way to avoid getting poisoned by all the flammable gas in their gas mine was…to light it on fire.

And now it’s burning constantly since already 35 years. Try to imagine how many tons of gas have been burning since then… WOW!

Do you believe those gas reserves are infinite? Are you ready for a giant BBQ? Well let’s go and visit this strange place.

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