ONE-IN-A-MILLION CATCH! Extremely rare purple lobster caught in Maine


An extremely rare purple lobster has been caught off the coast of Winter Harbor (Maine)

According to specialists, this is a one-in-a-million catch.

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This extremely rare purple lobster was netted by Keith Potter last week off the coast of Winter Harbor, Maine. Picture by Keith Potter via WMTW

Through the years, marine biologists have seen blue, yellow and red lobsters; but the purple variety is unique.

Blue lobsters show up frequently, sometimes red, sometimes yellow and even white. A blue and red variation that we call purple is not impossible… But it’s a one-in-a-million catch,” said Professor Robert Steneck of the University of Maine.

Genetic Disorder

Most American lobsters are dark bluish green to greenish brown.

Rarely, a genetic disorder will cause a lobster to create a protein that causes unusual coloration, such as blue, yellow, orange or even purple.

They’re all pretty rare, and their bright colors make it harder for them to hide from predators.

The rarest lobster is the white or albino lobster, which occurs in only 1 in 100 million lobsters.

Coming back to those pictures above… That purple color is so bright and so intense! It’s glowing insane! I wouldn’t eat this purple lobster. [WMTW, WPLG]

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