This Ancient Mommified Cat Has 3 Tails and 5 Hing Legs and Scientists Don’t Know Why


New CT scans of an ancient mummified cat dating back 2,500 years have revealed something rather unexpected.

The mummy has 3 tails and 5 hing legs. So what’s the heck?

ancient cat mummy 3 tails and 5 hing legs
This ancient cat mummy contains 3 tails and 5 hing legs. Picture by Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes

In Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as the living incarnation of Goddess Bastet, half-feline, half-woman.

As such, pets were commonly buried with their owners. In overall, more than 70 millions animals were mummified in ancient Egypt.

The New Cat Mummy in Rennes

Recently a 2,500-year-old cat mummy that had been kept at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes, France underwent a computerized tomography (CT) scan.

Instead of finding the bones of a single cat, they found skeletal remains belonging to three individual cats: three tails and five hind legs.

While some researchers believe it could represent a scam organised by unscrupulous priests, others think there are numerous ways to mummify animals.

This ancient cat mummy is again completely weird… And when strange things are discovered, then scientists are baffled :-)! [FoxNews]

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