Strange Shape in the Sky Over Phoenix, Arizona


On November 14 and for the second time this week, something strange was spotted in the Valley night sky.

It’s not UFOs this time. Instead, it’s a strange shape.

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Strange shape seen in Phoenix area night sky. Picture via AZ Family

Based on the photos sent to Arizona’s Family, it looks like chemtrails or contrails – condensation from jets – in the shape of the letter ‘A’ or the ‘Illuminati Triangle.’

The weird shape is reflected by the nearly-full moon.

Viewer Derick Ruiz said he was in Mesa, near Crismon Road and the U.S. Highway 60, when he went to his backyard around 8:10 p.m. and noticed the weird letter in the sky. He said it looked like the “Illuminati Triangle.”

Others thought it looked like the ‘A’ in the Avengers logo. Some thought it was the anarchy symbol.

The Illuminati symbol was also seen in the sky over UK in 2017. Look at the weird video here.

Arizona’s Family Weather Authority believes they’re contrails with overlapping cirrus or high clouds. What about chemtrails? [AZ Family]

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  1. That is stratospheric aerosol injection ie chemtrails. Planes have been built using high bypass turbo jet fan engines for nearly half a century, which makes condensation highly unlikely. Please research the almost complete impossibility of ‘contrails’ at

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