Incredible Illuminati All Seeing Eye Appears in the Sky Over UK (Video)


Look at the first images of the video below and tell me if you see the same thing than I do.

It’s the ‘All Seeing Eye’ appearing in the middle of 3 chemtrails forming a triangle in the sky. Yes look at the similarity:

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All-Seeing Eye of God (The Eye of Providence | Eye of Omniscience | Luminous Delta | Oculus Dei). Ancient mystical sacral symbol of Illuminati and Freemasonry (via AliExpress). And the triangular chemtrails and the sun in the center (via Youtube video)

Proof enough that the Illuminati uses this new strategy to suppress, dumb down and fundamentally poison the masses using the air we breath.

The video by Grant Wood over Bracknell, Berkshire, UK, in March 2017 and published on the Facebook group Chemtrails Global Skywatch:

Here a Facebook video just on the formation of this amazing sign in the sky. The original video is from Grant Wood over Bracknell, Berkshire, UK, captured in March 2017 and published on the Facebook group Chemtrails Global Skywatch :

To explain the relation between the Illuminti and the chemtrails, here a great text by the IlluminatiAgenda.

A new concern has come to light over recent years regarding a relatively new and shocking strategy of the illuminati that aims to suppress, dumb down and fundamentally poison the masses using an indispensable element critical to our survival – the air we breath. If you look up at the skies on a bright clear day then there’s a very good chance you’ll see white trails left by the commercial airliners ferrying thousands of people to various destinations all over the globe. Most will likely deem

this to be a completely normal sight and will probably actually expect to see the blue sky broken up somewhat with the white trails of the passing air traffic.

There is one huge problem with this however and that is, that the majority of the white trails seen in our skies today are not the harmless natural vapor trails that most likely view them to be but are synthetic, aerosol based, man made chemical trails (or chemtrails) that are purposely being left in our atmosphere for us to subsequently be exposed to. There is a huge difference between the natural contrails (or condensation trails) of ice crystals and water vapor left by commercial jets that quickly disappear after they have flown by and the thick, white, looming chemtrails that we are increasingly seeing lurking in our skies nowadays.

These chemtrails don’t quickly disperse like the natural vapor trails but linger in the sky for hours, slowly widening and descending in altitude. As more trails are ‘laid’ they begin to merge with each other during the course of the day until finally they end up fabricating what looks to be a completely natural cloud cover as the lines of the trails can no longer be properly distinguished. Within a few hours to half a day, what was a beautifully clear, bright blue sky is transformed into a complete ‘white out’ – a thick artificial haze that completely blocks out the sun and by the end of the day reaches ground level.

Most people will not notice this occurring and by the time the sun has ‘gone in’ they will look above, see a white sky and assume it has clouded over naturally. This is not natural though, it is not cloud cover that has moved in or some afternoon haze, it is the complete mergence of thick, white, chemical trails that have been repeatedly laid during the day by passing aircraft and this exact situation is now occurring everyday all over the globe. The chemtrails linger and

descend regardless of the climatic conditions or geographical location and are mostly (yet not exclusively) left over built up areas in a criss-cross grid like pattern which seems to allow them to merge far more quickly and effectively. They create a ‘veil’ in much the same manner as how the illuminati create a veil of illusion over us in the other areas of our lives through their various institutions of control, yet unlike those mostly subconscious, subliminal and effectively ‘invisible’ veils, this one can quite clearly be seen!

Military aircraft are used to spray the chemical concoctions from above but seemingly normal commercial airliners are also involved and these are either military aircraft disguised as commercial airliners or are in fact legitimate airliners following set flight paths that are being utilized by the illuminati to lay the chemtrails – most likely through additives in the fuel or modifications to the jet engines, without the knowledge of the pilot or staff of course. So effectively, as these commercial aircraft are traveling from destination to destination, they are serving to pollute and poison our skies, unbeknown to all those on board.

As do we spray our fields of crops with chemical pesticides to ensure good productivity and high yields, the illuminati spray their cities and towns with toxic chemicals to keep the populations of them docile, subdued and subservient. In any state other than this we too are viewed as pests as we pose a distinct threat to their agenda. We are regarded as a labour force by the controlling elite and in the same way that crop yields are far better without the pests, so to is the effectiveness of the workforce without the knowledge or ‘pest like’ awareness of the true nature of their reality. Spraying from above helps to ensure that the workforce remains ignorant and serves to help prevent them from awakening to their servitude to the elite.

Analysis of chemtrail fallout has found that they primarily contain high levels of barium and aluminum particulates, which are toxic to human health, undermine the immune system (a specific aim of the illuminati and a recurring theme in regards to their agenda) and so should not be breathed in or consumed. Harmful pathogens have also been found, such as the one that was discovered to be present in around half of the soldiers suffering from the relatively new and debilitating disease known as ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, thought to be

caused by exposure to toxic chemical and biological weapons.

The introduction of and increase in chemtrails has also been linked by a number of different researchers to an outbreak of ‘Morgellons Disease’ which was first identified in 2001 – just a few years after chemtrails seemed to begin appearing in our skies. Symptoms include unsightly and painful skin lesions that are unable to heal, extreme fatigue, memory loss, joint pain and other neurological disorders yet there is no ‘official’ known cause for Moregellons and not surprisingly it is mostly dismissed by the medical establishment and put down to paranoia and delusion.

The idea here is to keep the people docile and their health undermined so that they become dependent on illuminati medicine and the pharmaceutical industry and thus pose little to no threat to the illuminati’s ongoing endeavors. It also links in with the depopulation agenda as the continued poisoning of our air would help curtail increasing population levels and bring about a more desirable and controllable number through both the disease and infertility it causes.

Chemtrails also serve as a way for the illuminati controlled governments to ‘test out’ new biological weapons and laboratory created diseases quietly on the masses, using them as guinea pigs to gauge results before utilizing them either in full capacity or in other areas of the world. A government report released in the U.K and covered by ‘The Guardian’ newspaper revealed details of how between 1940 and 1979, it conducted germ warfare tests which involved releasing dangerous chemicals and microorganisms over large numbers of the population in secret. Military personnel involved were instructed to tell ‘inquisitive enquirers’ that the tests were merely part of research projects into the weather and air pollution. In the US, the 1977 Senate hearings confirmed that 239 populated areas had purposely been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969.

Due to the fact that chemtrails are a relatively new ‘phenomenon’, there are a number of other different plausible theories concerning their agenda, none of which are particularly desirable but all of which warrant further investigation. For example, one theory links chemtrails with the HAARP (or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) installation which is Based in Alaska and operated by the US Department of Defence. It is thought to be a new kind of weapon which

manipulates the electrically charged ionosphere that surrounds the planet to enable weather control and permit the triggering of so called ‘natural’ disasters in specific areas of the planet such as earthquakes and tsunamis – as we have been witnessing with increasing frequency over the past few years. The chemtrails act to fill the atmosphere with highly conductive metal particles and create a blanket that acts to conduct and direct the HARRP signals far more effectively and accurately.

Another likely idea is that the illuminati are using chemtrails as a way to effectively block out the sun from us in a form of weather manipulation and ‘geo engineering’ as it is officially known, is already being utilized globally by scientists and meteorologists. For example, chemicals can be sprayed into the atmosphere at high altitude to ‘seed’ the clouds in an attempt to make it rain over areas experiencing drought, or particles of metal can be released into the atmosphere to reflect and block out the suns rays in attempt to cool temperatures to combat so called ‘global warming’.

Sunshine is critically important to us all – it allows the body to generate vitamin D for example, which is essential for the absorption of calcium in the body amongst other things and without exposure to enough sunlight people can often become depressed, lethargic and unwell – which is exactly what happens to those that suffer from ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, or put simply – not enough sunlight. The sun is also massively important to the illuminati and always has been – they worship it, much of their symbolism is built around it and the term ‘illuminati’ fundamentally means ‘the illuminated ones’, which obviously ultimately refers to light.

The hidden knowledge they believe they are the sole custodians of (at least in part) relates to the knowledge of how the suns photons are a critical component to the conscious evolution and awakening of mankind, as they carry ‘within’ them a profound vibrational code that can be picked up and deciphered over time by our DNA – which is a crystalline receiver/transmitter (hence it’s wound double helix shape) that could allow us to awaken from our relative slumber and to break free from our centuries old enslavement. The illuminati are aware of this and so are desperately trying to block out the direct rays of the sun as much as possible in an attempt to prevent this from happening as it would obviously ultimately bring about an end to their rule but it’s also because they believe only they have the right to the

transformational information given out by the sun.

A final theory is that the chemrails are part of an overall agenda to take total control of our food source and completely rid the world of organic food production and the capability for people to grow their own food, in a classic illuminati ‘problem – reaction – solution’ style methodology. First, the illuminati systematically poison the worlds soil by releasing toxic metals into the atmosphere via chemtrails, so no crop can safely be grown in it, which then creates the problem of potential widespread global famine. They then introduce a ‘new’ type of genetically engineered seed that they have had developed for years that can grow ‘safely’ in the toxic soil but that couldn’t be introduced outright before hand as it would likely be rejected by the masses but now with normal seeds rendered useless, the people have no choice but to fully accept this new seed.

The seed will have been highly genetically engineered and will essentially create ‘frankenstein food’ that once consumed will serve to fundamentally alter your state of being and create a more subservient, dumbed down and disease prone species that will serve the illuminati perfectly with no hope of ever awakening or evolving. Already, large amounts of trees (most notably in California but all around the world) have been apparently randomly dying and when a sample of the surrounding soil is taken, it inevitably tests positive for extremely high levels of barium and aluminum – which creates a toxicity in the soil that is absorbed by the roots and subsequently kills the trees. Also, the current food we eat will almost certainly be subject to contamination from chemtrails and so in this way the illuminati are already effectively contaminating our bodies with toxic metals through what we eat as well as the air we breath.

It is most likely that a combination of all these theories lie behind the true chemtrail agenda because it makes obvious sense to the illuminati to make use of all potential avenues instead of just one as it allows them to bombard us from numerous angles which gives us little room for maneuver – which is far more effective from their perspective.

A very interesting and revealing aspect regarding chemtrails is the subliminal programming that has been introduced since the emergence of them in things like movies, T.V and advertising campaigns in an attempt to get the masses to subconsciously accept them as being something completely normal and harmless. Many movies and big T.V shows now regularly focus in on a chemtrail

littered sky in an apparent artistic way, or in the background of an important scene the sky will regularly feature a number of thick white chemtrails. Disney added a chemtrail like animation to the beginning of their movies to get the new younger generation used to seeing white trails being left in the sky as something friendly and familiar. Advertisements for big illuminati controlled corporations whether in magazine or bill board format often feature a blue sky backdrop littered with chemtrails – yet interestingly no contrails. The illuminati Microsoft corporations’ current windows 7 default login screen features chemtrail like patters on a sky blue background – something people see every time they login and thus get accustomed to and there are likely countless other examples of subliminal programming all of which serve to slowly yet highly effectively get the masses to subconsciously accept the unnatural and harmful chemtrails as being something normal.

Despite this subliminal programming however, chemtrails can actually serve as a great way to help awaken people to the illuminati agenda because they are so obvious! It’s hardly some clandestine conspiracy that’s covertly being orchestrated from the shadows – people only have to look up at the sky to clearly see it with their own eyes and if they refuse to see it for its glaring obviousness then perhaps there is little hope for such conditioned minds. In this respect though, one of the illuminati’s ghastly tools of suppression and control can actually be used against them to open the minds of the masses to what is really happening in their lives and more specifically in this case – right above their heads.

Skeptics may argue that the increased amount of air traffic today explains the increasing amount of trails in our sky which on the surface seems to make sense, however this doesn’t account for why now days the majority of the trails don’t seem to disperse as the contrails did and still do when they can rarely be viewed amongst the chemtrails. There is then the fact that many aircraft have been documented and recorded effectively turning

on and off the spray mid flight which simply doesn’t happen with the natural vapor trails because unlike the chemtrails – they can’t be turned off and on with the flick of a switch. Then, more importantly, aircraft have been seen circling the same areas of sky over and over again laying repeated trails – these aren’t normal flight paths yet many of the aircraft appear to be commercial airliners.

Another argument may be that if harmful chemicals were in fact being sprayed into the atmosphere then wouldn’t the illuminati and those alleged of doing it also be affected by it too – rendering the practice pointless. Again on the outset – its a fair point yet if we look for example at the additives in our food that suppress and keep the masses in ill health these don’t affect the illuminati because they know to stay well away from those kinds of foods. In the same way they know not to get addicted to the debilitating drugs they sell to the masses.

They may well have designated specific ‘no spray zones’ around the world where they spend much of their time, or they may very likely have come up with a way of counteracting the effects of breathing in the harmful chemtrail constituents that we are simply denied access to, or, depending on how deeply you’re willing to look at the subject – perhaps the ‘people’ behind the spraying may not actually be human at all and so would therefore not be affected by the chemicals in the same way we are. Either way, there are many potential ways they could get around this – as they have done with the other harmful agendas they have implemented in the lives of the masses.

Interestingly, if we look at one of the most famous men of recent times – Michael Jackson, he was known for wearing a mask when out in public which for the most part was laughed off and put down to him being a ‘whacko’, yet looking at it from the perspective of the illuminati poisoning our skies – is it perhaps a possibility that he knew exactly what was being orchestrated which is why he wore a mask and then why he was subsequently disposed of

– as he had far too great an influence over the people if he ever began to talk of such things – it’s worth considering at least…

Unfortunately it is very hard to do anything to actually eliminate the chemtrailing practice by the elite at the moment due to the fact most aren’t even aware of it and because it’s almost impossible to avoid from below. Therefore, the most important thing for now is to try and make others aware of chemtrails, of their specific purpose, their part in the overall illuminati agenda and how they are anything but natural harmless things that we shouldn’t give a second glance. Once enough people can recognize chemtrails for what they really are only then can something constructive truly be done about it – so we need to spread the word as quickly and effectively as possible.

It has now come to a point where the few dominating families of our world not only control the food we eat, the water we drink, the emotional and social side of our lives through entertainment and drugs, and our liberty through their institutions of forceful authority but they have now taken it to the level where they are purposefully contaminating the very air we breath. Apart from outright dictatorship and dominance it really can’t get any more pervasive or extreme than this and so it is of paramount importance that we wake up, assert our rights and freedoms as natural human beings and begin to oust these psychopathic illuminati families from their positions in power at the top of the control pyramid.

We must refuse to grant them any more access into our lives or our bodies and as mentioned above – at the moment the most effective way to currently do this in relation to the poisoning of our skies is to simply make people aware of it en masse because if we don’t and these deranged lunatics are allowed to continue to implement their agenda unhindered, then there will surely be no going back – so eyes to the skies!

[Illuminati Agenda]

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  1. Border official shows Trump tunnels under border wall

    Their conclusion or their hidden intention >>> Create Reptilian Secret Underground Base under the “Great Wall” because Mexicans can dig! We need $ 5~10 billion for that. Declare “National Emergency” = declare “Reptilian Emergency” for the great need for their secret underground base because the most of their secret underground bases had been demolished by Galactic Federation of Light.

  2. He worked 64 hours this pay period. Here’s what his pay stub looks like

    The partial government shutdown is three weeks old, and it’s gone on long enough for some of the 800,000 federal employees impacted to start missing pay.

    This weekend is the first time that many of them are receiving paychecks with no money.
    Take, for instance, William Striffler, an air traffic controller at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

    He gave CNN permission to use this image of his pay stub. During this particular pay period, Striffler worked 64 hours. The amount listed under “net pay?” $0.00.

    • US Air Force spray chemtrails over your head. My eldest son has found out they spray especially around the Sun. They know the Sun is the main source for human to evolve and ascend. Reptilians who control US Government and US Air Force want to block the Sun so that human cannot evolve.

  3. I think it was God’s anomaly that forces the Illuminati to know He who created one sun for all humans on this planet is watching. The chemtrails would be diminished greatly if humans did not “have” to fly in planes. So if humans stopped the flying craze, chemtrail poisons would slacken. There is an app called flight tracker or something like that. Check it out. If you realized how many planes (because humans buy tickets) were in the sky at any hour of the day, perhaps you would be shocked.

  4. The myth of the founding of the U.S. was by a bunch of satanic illuminists is another example of Zionist Dispensationalism run ary. It is because of this charismatic movement that we lost who we were as a people, a covenant nation.
    The eye in the seal was a Christian symbol and was not used by the mason until after it’s inception as the seal. It later was change from the right eye to the left eye and then I would agree by men whom rejected the founders vision for this country.
    Dispensationalst’s reject our founding while embrace the founding of the true illuminist nation of Israel. People please read your history and move away from emotions and self proclaimed prophets who reject the Law of the King.
    Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. KJV

    • Excellent Berean,
      So many fall for the evil all-seeing-eye whereas it was/is definitely a Christian symbol. Much like the rainbow was/is a Christian symbol but a bunch of perverts have hijacked that one, much the same way gay has been stolen from decent folk.
      Thanks for your input.

  5. Well, those are nothing but contrails!!!
    Their evil knows no bounds. We breathe, eat and drink these poisonous concoctions every second of every day. But nothing to worry about, it’s harmless.

  6. When I first became aware of chemtrails 8 or 9 years ago, I asked a friend of mine who was an airline mechanic about them. He knew nothing. Subsequently I read an article which is not available anymore, from a “washroom mechanic” Apparently “regular mechanics” don’t touch the bathrooms -they probably aren’t complaining. Special”mechanics” are flown in to handle washroom details, and this is where the chemtrail tanks or containers are placed. God’s speed all

  7. Pourquoi se cacher cela est si habituel, ces quadrillages sont partout sur tous les écrans, dans tous les films et dessins animés des enfants, ainsi que les Djinns, et autres Entités “STARS” dirigeant cette Matrice sous le 666 qui est une Intelligence Artificielle étonnante et féerique.
    Le Royaume de Vos croyances en forme les barreaux de Votre geôle.
    Un ciel de plus en plus terne tout comme le ciel des films sans couleurs.
    Vous êtes des AVATARS investis par des ÉTHÉRÉES qui se nourrissent de Vos énergies.

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