Being a Leader is not Always About Being in the Front – It’s all About Taking Care of Your Team


What is one thing that I can learn from you today?

We can learn from this pack of wolves an invaluable life lesson:

You cn learn invaluable lessons of life just by watching a pack of wolve
You cn learn invaluable lessons of life just by watching a pack of wolves. Picture via Quora.

The 3 wolves in the front are either old or sick. They walk in front to lead the way so as to set the pace.

The 5 wolves behind them are the strongest. They protect the front in case of an attack.

The 5 wolves, behind the middle group are also amongst the strongests, they protect the back side.

The middle group consists of newborns,pregnant females, and young wolves. They are fully protected from front as well as from back.

The last and the lone wolf in the back is the leader. He ensures no one is left behind. He keeps the pack tight and cohesive. Also in case of an ambush he remains active to run in any direction to protect his pack.

So what can we learn from that alpha male is: “Being a leader is not always about being in the front. Its about taking care of your team”.

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  1. whites are a pack of wolves that oppress everyone else to stay in power. it’s the animal DNA they have in them. they also have fur…..not hair.

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