Venice Flooded (Pictures and Videos)


Northern Italian canal city of Venice is facing its first significant flood of the current rainy season.

The rainy season in Italy has gradually extended and become more severe in recent years. Consequently, the floods are starting earlier than normal this year.

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Venice flooding on November 12 2019. Picture via Times video

Citing the latest Italian National Meteorological Service, the city government of Venice said water levels rose from 109 cm to 110 cm between Sunday and Monday, but are expected to further rise to 125 cm on Tuesday.

This is mainly due to strong rainfall combined with overloaded drainage systems.

Impressive pictures, no?

This phenomenon is called Aqua Alta:

The higher the water level is, the greater the impact on the city.

According to a statement from the city government of Venice, at 100 cm of flooding, around 5 percent of the city is beneath water. At 110 cm of flooding, 12 percent of the city is flooded.

If the water levels on Tuesday reach 125 cm as predicted by the meteorological service, it will be the highest since the water levels of the city reached 134 cm last April – the highest on record since 1936.

As shown in the pictures and videos from Twitter, the high water invaded cafes, stores and other businesses, as the water level peaked at over four feet.

Although commonly flooded, Venice – a city built on 118 islands divided by canals and interconnected by over 400 bridges – is currently experiencing abnormal early floods this year. [Yahoo, Xinhuanet]

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