Magic Portal to Another Dimension Opens Up in Italy (Video)


This South Tyrol man was walking in the forest near Kronplatz mountain, Italy, when he heard something weird.

Looking around, he was lucky enough to record the formation of a magic portal to another dimension… Whoa!

According to local press releases, more than two meters of snow have fallen onto South Tyrol, Italy, causing thousands of outages in the region, and making travel almost impossible.

The situation has been declared as ‘dangerous’ in the area, where an avalanche partially engulfed the town of Martell on Nov. 17.

Same situation in Austria where schools and roads were closed on Monday as heavy snow and rain cause disruption.

In Switzerland, the snow record for November has been broken with 71cm in Santa Maria, canton Graubünden (previous record: 1959; 69cm again in Santa Maria) and ski stations of Saas Fee and Saas Grund have been cut off.

Snowmageddon engulfs central Europe and creates weird portal in the snowy landscape. Weather manipulation sends greetings!

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  1. Pas de portail magique des sorties de méthane sont devenues nombreuses, ici et là, les fils électriques sous le poids de la neige plie et font prendre feu les branches jusqu’à ce poids de neige disparue en eau l’en écarte un temps. La magie est occulte et n’a rien de DIVINE c’est de la copie “made-in-devin” réservée aux Croyants se servant des écrits angéliques pour le futur comme d’une canne pour s’y appuyer.
    Les éléments actuels prouvent la mise en scène de la dernière Cène, Ton dernier repas pointe le bout de son nez. mais ……si………Messie:
    No magic portal methane exits have become numerous, here and there, electric wires under the weight of the snow bends and fire branches until the weight of snow disappeared in water away a time. The magic is occult and has nothing DIVINE is the copy “made-in-divination” reserved for believers using the angelic writings for the future as a cane to rely on.
    The current elements prove the staging of the Last Supper, Your last meal is the tip of his nose.
    but …. if …… .. Messiah

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