Nope! Nope! Nope! That’s Not Something You Would Expect to Happen in Texas!


Finding a bat trapped in a large spider web is the stuff of nightmare you would expect to happen in wild rainforests in Brazil or Thailand.

But it actually happened in Poteet, Texas.

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Bat captured in spider web in Poteet Texas. Picture KSAT

A woman snapped some pretty incredible photos of a bat trapped in what appears to be the web of a yellow garden spider outside her home in Poteet.

So these are the kind of things you see happen in Brazil, Thailand, or some kind of foreign jungle place like that, but this was outside of Annette Alaniz Guajardo house in POTEET TEXAS,” Guajardo’s friend said on Facebook.

Guajardo noticed the bat Wednesday morning on her way to work.

She returned home Wednesday afternoon and the bat was still hanging from the spider’s web, not moving.

Female yellow garden spiders average about an inch long in body length, according to National Wildlife Federation, and they are not known to eat bats. [KSAT]

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  1. Oh Noooo???
    Why instead of taking a picture, the person haven’t saved the poor bat?
    This is such a cruel way to die?
    As cruel as a human getting lost in the land of a cannibal tribe (Green Inferno movie kind of way)??

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