From Deadly Typhoon Kammuri in Philippines to Out-of-Control Fires in Australia, Extreme Weather Events Become the New Normal on a Global Scale


Everyday, humans are confronted to adverse weather events, as if it was becoming the new normal globally.

Here a wrap-up of the most powerful events that are currently slamming parts of the world.

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Extreme weather events are becoming the new normal globally. Picture via

1. Typhoon Kammuri slams into Philippines, prompting the evacuation of more than 500,000 and killing 17

Typhoon Kammuri hit the Philippines, at the southern end of Luzon island, on Tuesday, ripping rooftops from houses, knocking down power lines, prompting the evacuation of more than 500,000 and killing at least 17.

More than 500 flights from Manila’s international airport were cancelled.

Wind gusts up to 150 mph prompt officials to also suspend marine traffic in areas hit by the storm.

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue and government officials fear that flooding could deluge Manila, home to more than 10 million people. [BBC, NYT]

2. Floods and landslides kill at least 132 in Kenya

The situation in more than half of Kenya is also looking pretty bad after extreme donwpours flooded and distabilized the ground, killing at least 132 people.

More than 17,000 people have been evacuated and 11,000 cattle swept away by strong flooding waters strong waters.

At least is the drought gone away… At least for the moment.

3. At least 27 dead in Tamil Nadu, India after days of heavy rain

Heavy rain has also ravaged parts of India, killing at least 27 people in Tamil Nadu.

After receiving 180.3mm of rain in 24 hours, a wall collapsed on a row of houses in Mettupalayam in Coimbatore district, Dec. 1., killing 17 people on the spot. Local media reported 10 other victims have died in various other rain-related incidents since 29 November.

Many rivers in the area will reach warning levels due to rainfall and releases from Bhavanisagar Dam.

4. Wildfires continue to rage across New South Wales and Queensland, Australia with hazardous smoke again blanketing Sydney

Some 111 bush and grass fires were burning across NSW on Tuesday evening with more than 54 uncontained.

The Bureau of Meteorology said spring 2019 has been the fifth warmest spring on record.

Two million hectares of land in New South Wales have been burnt since July.

Officials warn that the worst of Australia’s bushfire season is still to come. [The Australian]

5. More than 2 feet of new snow in the Sierra and more than 6 feet in Lake Tahoe’s resorts

More than 2 feet of new snow has fallen in the Sierra, where more than 6 feet has been recorded the past seven days at the top of some Lake Tahoe-area ski resorts.

The weather service reported 29 inches of snow fell at Northstar California ski resort near Truckee over the past 24 hours for a total of 73 inches in a week.

Squaw Valley near Tahoe City recorded 28 inches of new snow for a seven-day total of 75 inches.

Incredible numbers, no? [smdp]

6. Three rescuers killed in helicopter crash as major flash-flooding hits southeastern France for second week in a row

Three emergency workers were killed in a helicopter crash near Marseille while on a rescue mission in southern France where floods have left two dead. [Youtube]

7. Unthinkably rare climate events are the new normal globally

Coldest cloud tops ever measured during Typhoon Kammuri over the Philippines and the cloud heights pegged censors at 16KM in height breaking through the Stratosphere.

Two cyclones in different hemispheres bumping each other off Africa spinning in different directions.

Mt Shasta about to set the world snow record for most snow in a four day period of over 18 feet.

Southern Australia blanketed in Summer snow, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania with a foot plus. [Youtube]

Such extreme weather events become the new normal… at a globals scale. Be prepared or get ready.

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  1. it’s called ‘weather wars’
    you know the military is controlled by the ‘elite’ and the navy loves using their highly sophisticated mobile haarp equipment to create confusion around the world.
    the airforce has stated they own the weather — even published a book.
    geo-engineered weather is something used worldwide to create a world wide famine to remove a large portion of the worlds populace within the next 5 years — do some research into UN Agenda 21/2030.
    it’s all planned and we the people will pay the price while the bill and melinda gates of the world sit and laugh.

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