Australia Fire Map: Week-Long State of Emergency Due to Widespread Extreme Fire Danger Across NSW


New South Wales (NSW) has declared a week-long state emergency as fires continue to spread across Australia.

To date, 18 people have tragically lose their lives due to the bushfires since September while at least 17 others remain missing – and with high temperatures and strong winds predicted over the next few days, authorities have warned of “widespread extreme fire danger”.

australia fires map, australia fires map 2020, australia fires map january 2020, australia fires map 2019-2020
Map of fires in Australia as of January 1, 2020

Killer fires are continuing to ravage Australia as 2020 begins. Images and videos just become more apocalytic everyday. It’s hell on Earth! This article features the evolution of these devastating fires from September to now.

Its’ burning everywhere in Australia

New South Wales’ state of emergency will come into force on Friday morning (21:00 GMT Thursday) and will stay in place for the following seven days.

Local authorities will be carrying out forced evacuations while tourists have been warned to leave the area before Saturday.

The fires this week alone have destroyed 381 homes in NSW and an additional 43 in Victoria, with numbers expected to rise.

This map shows where the fires in Australia currently are:

australia fire map, australia fire map 2019-2020, australia fire map 2020
Australia fire map

Elsewhere, the huge fires have affected all states, even the island of Tasmania.

Parts of South Australia have been warned of extreme conditions on Friday while two regions of Western Australia will see catastrophic fire dancer today (Thursday).

nsw extreme fire dangers january 2020, nsw fires, nsw fires january 2020
High temperatures and strong winds prompted officials to declare a week-long state emergency in Australia.

Australia bushfires: What has happened so far?

January 2020

The first day of the year saw Aussies face a “humanitarian crisis” as food, water and fuel began to run out while bushfires continued to spread.

On January 2 it was announced that the state of NSW declared a week-long state of emergency as high temperatures and strong winds are set for the following few days, fuelling the deadly blazes across the state.

December 2019

On December 11, the Rural Fire Service confirmed that 724 homes, 49 facilities and 1582 outbuildings had been destroyed in NSW.

On December 19, five hero firefighters were injured when their tanker was overrun by fire. On the same day two volunteer firefighters were tragically killed after a tree fell on their vehicle.

In the run up to Christmas, cars melted, homes flattened and hundreds of Australians faced a homeless festive season.

In more devastating news, it was revealed 30 per cent of koala habitat had been destroyed and experts warned the marsupials could become extinct.

November 2019

Throughout November, 1,228,050 acres of land was destroyed in a bushfire at a national park in NSW.

The country saw terrifying apocalyptic scenes as families were trapped inside their homes and skies turned red in November.

In Queensland, 49,000 acres and six homes were destroyed on November 11.

And on the same day in South Australia authorities warned of an “uncontrolled” blaze heading towards homes in the area. The following day, Sydney said they were braced for “catastrophe” and Russell Crowe’s mansion came under threat.

On November 13, a terrifying 600 mile wide wall of flames swept across NSW.

On November 19, Sydney was left “trapped” inside a thick cloud of smoke with dozens of people treated for asthma and breathing problems.

On November 20, a huge blaze broke out on Yorke peninsula, aircraft were scrambled to water bomb the blaze as it crept closer to two local towns.

On 21 November, lightning strikes ignited a series of fires in Victoria.

October 2019

In south-east New South Wales, late October saw the start of a number of bushfires in remote woodland. These blazes raged on, eventually becoming one massive inferno, dubbed the Wattle Creek Fire.

Several fires also broke out across Tasmania during the month.

October 30 brought heartbreaking news that hundreds of koalas were thought to have been burned alive as fires swept through an important koala breeding ground.

September 2019

On September 6, northern areas in New South Wales began experiencing bushfires. The blaze carried through until October, tragically killing two.

The following day, on September 7 a number of out of control blazes threatened townships across South Eastern and Northern Queensland, destroying several homes.

On September 8, a historic lodge in the Gold Coast that had stood for 86 years was destroyed in the fires, which had previously razed several homes. [Sun]

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  2. if you go onto windy weather .com that shows the weather around the world in real time, it covers all aspects of weather, temperature, wind , rain etc etc. you wont see that heat blob off the New Zealand coast , that heat blob is photo shopped , as is all the above graphics in my opinion , its all designed to scare us into their climate crisis scenario, which is fake by the way , and glaringly obvious when you start to do some serious research. Don’t believe what I am saying? do your own research.
    Windy weather is a reputable site as its used by oz runways for recreational pilots, if it wasn’t reliable they would definitely not use it as an add on to their software.

  3. I’d like to know the source of the top 2 graphics, which are so utterly different—one showing fires burning across the country, and one showing fires only in the southeast.

    Yesterday I was looking at 2 global sea surface temperature maps that were utterly different, as well, showing elevated temperatures in completely different places. I think one of the maps was on this site, showing the so-called blob off New Zealand. Whereas, the other map I have been looking at on a regular basis shows highly elevated temps north of Australia and also to the northeast, near Tonga, where a submarine volcano was discovered to have been erupting for months. But that map does not show any elevated temps off New Zealand.

    Information is useless, unless we know where it comes from and how it is being collected.

    BTW, this is an interesting article on the numerous problems with taking the planet’s temperature via satellites and “microwave sounding units”—which do not measure temperature directly and from which temperatures can only be estimated:

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  5. Ive Got a question, Who are lighting all these fires? there is no way on this earth that you have this many fires in one season , don’t say nature is doing it because we haven’t had any severe storms and lightning, And the weather hasn’t really been hot enough. I point the finger squarely at government policy at Local, state and federal level, your not allowed to clear undergrowth, cut down trees, there is no major fuel reduction undertaken, the greens are the main culprits for pressuring every govt level to shut up the forests and keep us out , the greens and govt ministers answer to the communists at the UN , and do their bidding in my opinion, There’s an excellent you tube video by Ann Bressington on Agenda 21 and that’s being played out right now bit by bit so people aren’t aware of it,

    Have a look at some of the video clips from fire fighters that are on line at the moment, now that’s by design , how do I know? im a former member of the Country Fire Authority ( CFA )
    and we were under strict instruction not to put anything on social media, or video anything on the fire ground, in our brigade that was taken seriously,
    so why the video clips that are around? Answer: after this is over the climate alarmist both in the public arena and political arena are going to scream at the top of their voices CLIMATE CHANGE we have to do something about it, do you get it? Where in actual fact its a major failure of government at all levels to conduct fuel reduction burns in the bush, our bush here in south eastern Australia needs fire to regenerate its the way it is, the Aboriginals knew this and they conducted fuel reduction in the bush for tens of thousands of years , they know, our politicians don’t , they only answer to their masters at the UN , Also a good way to depopulate the country and bush areas, watch all the insurance premiums skyrocket after this event, people wont be able to afford the premiums, and move to towns or city , which is what the powers that be want.
    People affected need to look into a major class action law suit against the local governments, and state governments involved and sue the crap out of them, make them pay dearly for their policy failures, loss of property, livestock, and human lives.
    I sympathize with all the people that have lost property or loved ones , as an ex fire fighter ive seen the destruction that fire can do and the devastation that is visited on those communities involved.
    For Goodness sake don’t believe the climate alarmists when they start their crap, this is a normal cycle in Australia, I point you to a poem by Dorothea Makellar, ” I Love A Sun-burnt Country ” that will tell you what Australia is, she wrote that over 100 years ago , we feel Australia’s Climate impact on us more now because we have a larger population , when she wrote that poem we had a population of roughly 3.8 million people, today approx 25.4 million people , it stands to reason that Australia’s climate will impact us more.
    So once again who are lighting these fires?

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