Giant Rectangular Cloud Engulfs the Sky Over Toronto


A huge rectangular cloud engulfed the sky over Toronto on January 2, 2020, baffling residents.

The weird cloud, out of a science fiction movie, prompting many to comment on its strange look and appearance.

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A rectangular cloud engulfs the sky over Toronto on January 2, 2020. Picture via Twitter

Another totally abonormal rectangular cloud swept throught the sky of Toronto on January 2, 2020. As shown in this post, such weird HAARP clouds are a new normal around the world.

That’s totally the cloud cover that occurs when the alien ships emerge in Independence Day.


Baffling, isn’t it?

Another view of the same cloud shows it was slightly curved at its edges, but the sides of the sky phenomenon are completely straight.

Cloud wall

After filling up the sky, the cloud disappeared within a few tens of minutes. Just like these weird clouds over Florida… What’s the technology behing this impressive cloud formation?

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