Roads Turn Into Rivers as Flood Water Rages Through South East Brazil


It’s the worst flooding in decades. More than 58 people were killed and at least 40,000 others displaced as severe flooding engulfed southeast Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, where torrential downpours have wreaked havoc since late last week, are the worst-hit states.

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Disastrous floods destruction in Minas Gerais in Brazil.

In Minas Gerais, more than 47 people were killed since heavy rains fell on Friday. In addition, four are missing and 65 have been injured.

A state of emergency has been declared in at least 101 towns in Minas Gerais after 15,000 people were evacuated from their homes due to devastating flood waters. Meanwhile more than 3,500 people were left homeless.

In the State’s capital Belo Horizonte, where flooding has already killed 13 people, roads turned into rivers as flood water raged through the city. Flooding and mudslides damaged or destroyed buildings, including a city hospital.

A total of 171.8mm of rain fell in Belo Horizonte on 24 January, 2020. That’s the highest rainfall ever recorded in the states’s capital.

Several other areas in the state recorded the double amount of rainfall normally expected in January. Warnings for further heavy rain have been issued.

Just a year after the Brumadinho disaster, during which 259 people died after a mining dam collapsed, officials announced that the Paraopeba River is at risk of overflowing in the same location. That would be disastrous for the local population. You remember that video?

According to officials reports, nine people were killed in Espirito Santo, where a state of calamity has been declared in several towns. Meanwhile, at least two dead were reported in Rio de Janeiro. Read similar headlines on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [Xinhuanet]

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