Best Videos of the M7.7 Earthquake in The Caribbean


You will find enough information online about the major M7.7 earthquake that struck the Caribbean on January 28, 2020.

Here I present a compilation of the first videos that have surfaced on the different social networks showing the consequences and effects of the strongest quake recorded in the area since 1900. … And many of those footages are very impressive.

largest earthquakes in Caribbean since 1900 map, map showing largest earthquakes in Caribbean since 1900
Map showing the largest earthquakes in Caribbean since 1900

M7.7 earthquake strikes between Jamaica and Cuba, M7.7 earthquake strikes between Jamaica and Cuba video, M7.7 earthquake strikes between Jamaica and Cuba pictures
M7.7 earthquake strikes between Jamaica and Cuba. That’s the strongest quake recorded since 1900.

First footages show that some roads have collapsed across the Cayman Island after the strong and shallow jolt.

Moreover, some large sinkholes are opening in yards threatening million dollar homes to collapse.

the cracks and craters are also opening up in the back country:

Now, look at the water in this pool waving like crazy:

And what about those water silos? Totally wild, isn’t it?

The cars are swinging, the lights are swaying and everything is moving around in Cuba

In Miami, Florida, people had to evacuate buildings in the finance district

and are blocking traffic in the streets

Tsunami waves reaching 1-3 feet above tide level are possible for some coasts of Belize, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Cayman Islands and Jamaica following powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Caribbean Sea, NWS Tsunami Warning Center says.

More information about this major M7.7 earthquake in the Caribbean on Steve Quayle (several great links) [USGS]

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  1. Well my prophecy and predictions only at strange sounds exclusively . Now people who read my predictions
    and now up to you . I have told you 6-8 we did have this quake at 8.0 and down graded to 7.7 so it is also
    6.1 which was 6.5 always they downgraded it. Still it is double hits. Turkey 7.0 was also down graded to 6.7 and since full moon January 2020 we had many 6.0 but always downgrade it to 5.7 or 5.9 if we calculate
    those ones then we had many others 6.0 as well. for now i still we are not off hook yet . More quakes 6-8
    till FEB 2 2020 and combined with bird flu in IRAN, Corona Virus is global epidemic that they have not raised the bar yet? Until next big one in ring of fire in Northwest of USA and California we ask always to prepare.

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