Mysterious Ghost Cloud Stuns Astronauts Onboard ISS


What is that strange jellyfish-like shape that baffled astronauts on board the International Space Station?

An alien? A rocket launch? A missile launch? One thing is sure, the cloud it left behind was pretty ghostly!

ghost iss, ghost cloud iss, mysterious light iss
Mysterious ghost cloud spotted by ISS astronauts. Picture: Mike Hopkins/NASA

So what is the origin of this amazing ghost shape in space?

Because of the US government shutdown, it was not a launch from NASA and no other launches were scheduled on this day.

ghost iss, ghost cloud iss, mysterious light iss
Ghost shape captured passing by ISS. Picture: ESA/Luca Parmitano.

On October 10 2013, however, the Russian Forces website reports:

Strategic Rocket Forces carried out a successful test launch of a Topol/SS-25 missile on October 10, 2013.

The missile was launched at 17:39 MSK (13:39 UTC) from Kapustin Yar to the Sary Shagan test site in Kazakhstan.

According to a representative of the Rocket Forces, the test was used to confirm characteristics of the Topol missile, to test the systems of the Sary Shagan test site, and “to test new combat payload for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A similar event occurred back in 2019 in Norway and Japan, when a giant beam of light suddenly started spinning and illuminating the night sky, baffling skywatchers and scientists.

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