New Outbreak of Dangerous H5N1 Avian Flu in Coronavirus-Stricken China Prompts Culling of 20,000 Chicken in Hunan Province, South of Wuhan


Meanwhile, China is also being attacked by the deadly H5N1 bird flu.

Yes, another sickness has broken out in the country, prompting officials to cull 20,000 chickens in China’s central Hunan province, which is bordered to the north by Hubei province, whose capital city Wuhan is the epicenter of the current coronavirus epidemic.

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Officials culling more than 20000 chickens in Hunan Province after H5N1 aviant flu outbreak is declared. Picture ThailandMedical

The outbreak took place at a farm near Shaoyang city. 4,500 of the farm’s 7,850 chickens have died from the illness, and local authorities have culled nearly 20,000 birds to contain its spread.

What is H5N1?

H5N1 is an avian flu virus that causes severe respiratory disease in birds, and is contagious to humans.

No human victims have yet been reported, although the WHO indicates that more than 350 people have died from the virus since it first spread to humans in Hong Kong in the late 1990s.

H5N1 is a far deadlier virus to those who contract it. Nearly 60% of H5N1 patients die after contracting the sickness, compared to 2% of Wuhan coronavirus (2019 nCoV) patients according to the latest official numbers thus far.

Where is Hunan?

Hunan province lies on the southern border of Hubei province, whose capital city, Wuhan is the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

Believed to have jumped from animals to humans at a market in the city last month, the coronavirus has since since spread to every region of China and to more than 25 other countries worldwide.

More than 400 people have been confirmed dead and nearly 21,000 more infected in China. So far, no patients abroad have died.

Economic collapse?

The outbreak has prompted multiple countries – including the United States, Australia, and Vietnam – to restrict entry to travelers from China, and a number of international airlines to suspend flights to and from the country.

Russia has temporarily shut the Far Eastern border with its neighbor, halted visa-free travel for tourist groups and stopped processing Chinese work visas.

A number of multinational corporations – including Toyota, Apple, Google and Starbucks – have shuttered their operations in China due to the virus.

The coronavirus has hammered world stock markets, and could cost the Chinese economy $60 billion this quarter. More news about outbreaks in the world on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [ThailandMedical, RT]

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    The country’s fifth largest city with nearly 15 million residents joins cities on mandatory lockdown

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  3. So far in Iran 3 cases of Corona Virus n2019 was seen but terrorist government of Iran deny it. One in Zanjan , 1 in Tehran and 1 in Shiraz
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    Mysterious death of migratory birds in Iran spreads to four provinces

    While the alarming death toll of migratory birds in Miankaleh swamp in the Mazandaran province of Iran is still on the rise, Iranian media is reporting more mysterious deaths of birds in other provinces including Northern Khorasan, Golestan, and Qom.

    According to ISNA, in Qom province, there are reports of pigeons and crows dying in high numbers. In Miankaleh swamp, most of the dead birds were flamingos and coots.

    IRNA previously reported that Golestan province has also witnessed the deaths of migratory birds including flamingos and coots.

    A veterinary official in Northern Khorasan also confirmed the alarming death toll of starlings in the Bojnord city and said: “The cause of the starlings’ death is not Newcastle disease or bird flu.”

    The head of Bojnord’s Environmental Protection Organization announced that most of the dead birds in Bojnord were black-throated thrushes.

    Meanwhile, the death toll of migratory birds in Miankaleh Swamp is still on the rise with over 12000 birds dead.

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    With the spread of Corona virus in several countries around the world, the spokesperson of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Rabiei, announced that the flights to and from China are temporarily suspended until further notice.

    The decision was made in an emergency government meeting on Friday led by Vice President Jahangiri.

    According to ISNA, the meeting was held “in response to the spread of Coronavirus in different countries and the WHO warning” and in order to “take necessary measures to prevent the virus from entering the country and ways to fight the virus”.

    Rabiei told the News Channel: “The decision has been conveyed to all the governors, that there will be agents of the Ministry of Health present at all the borders with laboratories and specialists.”
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