Biblical Plague of More than 300,000 Bats Terrifies Australian Town (Videos)


It’s like a bat tornado!

A veritable bat apocalypse has engulfed Ingham, North Queensland, over the past several weeks as more than 300,000 have settled on the town, terrifying residents.

Ingham bat invasion plague, biblical plague of bats australia, A veritable "bat tornado" has enveloped Ingham, North Queensland, over the past several weeks as upwards of 300,000 of the winged creatures have settled on the town
A veritable “bat tornado” has enveloped Ingham, North Queensland, over the past several weeks as upwards of 300,000 of the winged creatures have settled on the town, terrifying residents. Picture via 9News

There are currently major locust outbreaks around the world. But residents of a small town in North Queensland, Australia are experiencing another plague: Bats! Yes, residents of Ingham, North Queensland are dealing with the fright of their lives after thousands of bats descended on them in an incident that is being compared to a “biblical plague.”

A veritable “bat tornado” has enveloped the town, over the past several weeks as upwards of 300,000 of the winged creatures have settled on the town.

Surreal footage from the city shows a black veil of bats swooping down through the sky.

The mayor of Hinchinbrok Council explains:

“There’s four different species and because they all have young at different times, there’s hardly a window of opportunity when we can interact with these bats to try and move them on.”

Continuing, he said:

“It just seems to me that every bat in Australia is now in Ingham … The problem that we’re having is that we’re seemingly being influxed by more and more animals and the roost cannot handle it.”

Disease, stench and Terrified children

While the bats don’t pose an immediate danger to residents, they are known to carry a rabies-like disease known as Australian Bat Lyssavirus. The disease has killed three people in Queensland over the past 25 years.

The bats have also brought an excruciating stench, noise, and mess to the town.

Children at the nearby Ingham State School are too horrified to return to their school because of the frightful number of fruit bats that are on the campus, according to reports.

Some parents are even considering taking their kids out of the school. The Queensland Education Department has pledged to trim the trees surrounding the school and erect new fences to prevent the bats from further encroaching on the school.

The town is fast arriving at a “crisis point:”

Where they want to go is basically beside all our critical areas, including the schools, the hospital, our kindergartens, our preschools.”

Bats are protected

Because the animals are a protected species under the Nature Conservation Act, local authorities are left with little recourse to deal with the plague of bats.

However, a local politician has boasted that if he had his way, he would be down here with a shotgun and added: There comes a point where I think not breaking the law really becomes ‘dogging it,’ as we say in North Queensland. More biblical plagues news on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [The Mind Unleashed]

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