UK Government in Talks Over ‘Mass-Death and Burial’ Plans to Prepare Coronavirus Worst Case Scenario


The government is reportedly contacting local councils for what is known as ‘Excess Death Contingency Planning’ in the event of a worst-case scenario relating to the spread of coronavirus.

The planning, which is thought to include discussions with local authorities about potential new large burial sites, is standard practice when an outbreak of such a virus is taking place.

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Preparing the worst case scenario coronavirus pandemic in the UK. Picture: Foreign Policy

The talks come as the Department of Health confirms there are two new cases in England, with another positive patient now transferred to the Royal Liverpool Hospital’s specialist infection facility.

Excess Death Contingency Planning

Those discussions were revealed on Twitter by Newsnight Policy Editor Lewis Goodall:

He added:

A Cabinet Office spokesperson was keen to stress that such preparations were not uncommon:

But according to former NHS worker Andy Ibbs, this is completely normal:

Meanwhile, two further people have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the total number of UK cases to 15… and the virus is also invading other parts of Europe. More coronavirus pandemic news on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [MSN]

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