Biblical Floods Kill at Least 21 in Egypt and Israel (Videos)


Storms and floods of biblical proportions have engulfed Egypt, Israel and the Middle East for the second day in a row on Friday.

The rare and unusually powerful surface cyclone and frontal system hit the Middle East on Thursday afternoon, delivering torrential rain, destructive winds, and sandstorms and killing at least 21.

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Apocalyptic flooding engulfs Egypt, Israel and Middle East in March 2020. Pict: Egypt Today

Thunderstorms packing heavy rains, lightnings and sandstorms caused widespread flooding across Egypt on Thursday and Friday, killing at least 21 people.

The apocalyptic storms interrupted daily life in much of the country, including the capital Cairo.

Most of the victims were in rural areas and slums. At least six children died either from electrocution or when their houses collapsed and buried them.

The satellite imagery from March 13, 3030 of this rare cyclone features an impressive frontal system and huge sandstorms engulfing northern Saudi Arabia:

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Apocalyptic storm engulfs Egypt, Israel on March 12-14 2020.

The Egyptian government advised Egyptians to stay home and declared a state of emergency until Saturday, shutting down schools, government offices, Luxor International Airport, Nile River cruises and three seaports (Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada).

The floods also forced the country’s railway authorities to suspend train service nationwide.

Late on Thursday, Cairo’s Water Authority announced it had suspended water service to the entire megacity because heavy rain had overwhelmed the vast sewage system. By Friday morning water had returned to some parts of the city.

Power outages were also reported in several parts of the country, including parts of Cairo.

Authorities in neighbouring Israel have issued flooding and strong wind warnings (over 100 km/h or 62 mph). More destructive weathe event news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Inquirer, AAWSat, Times of Israel, Egypt Today]

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