Summary of the Biggest Developments in the Global Coronavirus Pandemic For March 14 2020


US travel ban for 26 European countries comes into force

The restrictions on European travel to the US applies to non-US citizens who have been in the 26 countries of the Schengen area during the 14 days before their planned arrival in the United States.

The travel restrictions are set to last for 30 days but do not apply to the UK or Ireland.

US House passes coronavirus aid package as Trump declares emergency

The aid package, passed with overwhelming support, provides free testing and paid sick leave, in a bid to limit the economic damage from a pandemic that has shuttered schools, sports arenas and offices.

The development follows Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in response to the pandemic.

More than 2,170 cases have been recorded across the US.

Covid-19 testing kits no longer available in some parts of Australia

Australia’s chief medical officer has written to doctors warning there has been “extreme pressure” on personal protective equipment and that testing kits were no longer available in some regions of the country.

He implored doctors to only test those who meet both clinical and epidemiological criteria.

Saudi Arabia bans all flights into the kingdom

Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights for two weeks, starting Sunday, state news agency SPA reported.

Last month, it took the unprecedented step of banning foreign pilgrims from entering the country.

New Zealand to quarantine all arrivals

NZ’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said all people arriving in the country, including returning citizens, will be required to isolate themselves for a fortnight.

Only people arriving from the Pacific, were there are virtually no cases, are exempt from the rule.

Ardern also cancelled Sunday’s memorial commemorating the first anniversary Christchurch mosque shootings.

The country has recorded only six cases so far, and no instances of local transmission.

Canada shuts down parliament and bans large cruise ships

Officials said parliament will be closed for five weeks and that incoming international flights will be redirected to a small number of airports for enhanced screening.

The government also announced it will ban cruise ships with 500 people from docking in the country’s ports until 1st of July.

Governments across Latin America suspend flights from Europe

Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Peru have all suspended European flights.

Argentina also announced it would suspends links with the most badly affected countries and Guatemala said it will ban arrivals from the United States and Canada.

The flight bans were announced as Venezuela confirmed its first two cases of the coronavirus Friday, deepening fears about a possible outbreak in the crisis-hit country where hospitals are barely functioning.

Southeast Asian countries makes changes to travel from Europe

Cambodia announced it would refuse entry to citizens from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and the United States, according to local media.

Vietnam will also stop issuing tourist visas to citizens from Europe’s Schengen area and Britain, starting from Sunday, it was reported.

South Korea and China report low infections again

In South Korea, for a second day in a row the daily number of recovered people on Saturday (204) exceeded that of new confirmed cases (107).

Meanwhile in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the outbreak began, officials reported just five new cases on Friday, the second day in a row the tally has been less than 10.

The global death toll reached 5,429, with 145,369 cases confirmed

So far 71,694 people have recovered, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

The institution draws from official figures, and so it is possible that actual figures are higher.

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  1. Exclusive: A Prisoner’s account of daily deaths of prisoners from COVID19

    A prisoner in the Central Prison of the Great Tehran (Fashashuyeh) told Iran International that many of the prisoners have contracted the COVID19 and due to the lack of medical treatment and facilities, there are daily deaths reported.

    In an exclusive interview with Iran International on Thursday, the prisoner said that most of his prison-mates have contracted COVID19 and other respiratory diseases and the prison officials have lost control of the situation.

    According to the prisoner, “the cough symphony of prisoners” can be heard constantly and despite the seriousness of the issue, “the prison officials are hiding it”.

    The prisoner, who was also coughing, said some of the prisoners “see their own deaths” in the near future and call their families and tell them about the possibility of their deaths.

    A video released on Thursday from Qezel Hesar prison shows that dozens of prisoners have been sent to the yard with their belongings so that the officials can film the wards and claim that the prisons are not crowded.

    Other reports have been released about dozens of prisoners in Tehran’s Evin, Urmia, and Zanjan prisons contracting the disease.

    The head of Iran’s Prisons Organization reported that 70000 prisoners have been sent on temporary leave by Monday. Jahangir had said in 2017: “The capacity of our prisons is 88000 prisoners. We currently have 223000 prisoners, which is 2.5 times the capacity.” In the past two years since his comments, the number of prisoners has increased exponentially and in November 2020 alone at least 10000 prisoners were incarcerated.

    Corona does not discriminate? RACISM is HANDICAPPED.
    Why people are being stabbed at stores in North America, it shows we are closer than to global riots and full Martial Law?
    Even with the release of 70000 prisoners, not considering the added prisoners in the past two years, over 160000 prisoners are still in prison which is twice the capacity of Iranian prisons.

    Political prisoners were not included in the temporary release.

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