California 108,000 Homeless People Could Be What Finally Breaks Hospitals


There are approximately 108,000 homeless people across California.

And according to recent models about 60,000 homeless people could be impacted by the current pandemic in the next eight weeks. And then it’s the end…

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The pandemic hitting California’s homeless population could be what finally breaks hospitals. Picture: APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images

The catastrophic potential is painful to consider. State models show that 60,000 homeless people could be hit by the novel coronavirus, with up to 20% of them needing hospitalization.

That would mean California would need 12,000 hospital beds just for those living on the streets…

That’s a formidable task for a state that is already struggling to find extra capacity to manage the pandemic before it’s too late and hospitals become overwhelmed by too many patients.

That creates a deep point of anxiety for the existing population, but moreover for our healthcare delivery system,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday evening.

Homeless the biggest crisis before the epidemic

Now, two catastrophes are colliding with dramatic speed and consequence: the pandemic and more than hundred thousands people living in the streets.

Among those 108,000 people living outdoors in California, many are old, have weakened immune systems and preexisting conditions.

Meanwhile, Newsom and state health officials are dramatically stepping up efforts to curtail what was the state’s biggest crisis before the novel coronavirus hit: tens of thousands of people living in street encampments.

People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable to the spread of the Wuhan virus” Newsom said. “Helping these residents is critical to protecting public health, flattening the curve and slowing the spread of the viral disease.”

$150 mio to put homeless indoor

To help accomplish that, Newsom on Wednesday announced $150 million in emergency funding to quickly move homeless people indoors in order to protect both a vulnerable population and a medical system at risk of being overwhelmed.

  • $100 million will go directly to local jurisdictions to boost shelter capacity and increase emergency housing.
  • $50 million to buy travel trailers and leasing hotels, motels and other facilities in an effort to provide space for those without homes to practice social distancing or for quarantine if they test positive for the virus.

Meanwhile, cities and counties have largely been slow to act. But it’s time now! Because I don’t want to know what effect the pandemic would have on healthcare systems if it expands into the homeless population.

I fear it could travel quickly and fiercely as homeless in encampments live nearby, many are sick and have no place to wash their hands.

With hospitals already overflowed by patients, an outbreak in an homeless encampment would be devastating.

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  1. The santa ana river basin edge has 100,000 homeless along side of it. The true number of homeless in california is likely in the neighborhood of 750,000 plus and perhaps numbers over a million. Pray and be ready to help any who have need. Jesus says what we do to the least of these we do unto Him.

  2. WHATS THERE TO WORRY ABOUT,the HOSPITALS IN CALIFORNIA ARE THE MOST CORRUPT IN THE NATION,they love homeless people,THEY PUT YOU TO SLEEP then they remove your ORGANS to be sold to the highest bidder,the death toll in those hospitals is off the scales,BUT hey their all hero’s right,OR maybe devils from hell….

  3. Still, no one has mentioned that we are having to compete
    for Food and Vital Resources with the tens of millions of Illegal Aliens.

    If you believe the government it is 10-12 Million, which is bad enough.
    If you do the actually math, it is over 60 Million.
    I won’t even mention the tens of millions of “refugees” forced upon us.

    They already cost California’s Legal U.S. Citizens over 2 Billion Dollars
    per year just in Health Care and over $20 Billion Dollars Nation-wide.

    Hey, Mr.Government!
    Walk into any emergency room for treatment
    and you’ll have to wait in line behind a whole lot of THEM.
    Your sick child is less important than a criminal in the eyes of government.

    Walk into a market and THEY have their carts full of food that belongs to US.

    I’ve been trying to wake you up to the Illegal Aliens scourge since 1986.
    Do you see it, now?

    THEY will get the Masks.
    THEY will get the Gloves.
    THEY will get the food.
    THEY will get the water.
    THEY will get medical treatment.
    THEY will get subsidies.
    …and, you paid for it all.


    • How ’bout mass deportation of all DEMONCRAPS that started the problem or otherwise there will be a repeat of it for your grandchildren.

      In another words Demoncraps like to just harass and trouble Americans.

      • I’m sorry but your comments are very lame ! Both side of the isle have allowed this to happen .Even Reagan ( rest in peace ) first president I voted for .But made legal a Great many of them .Read your state and federal constitutions .And learn the difference between legal and lawfull. Only we the people might fix this mess ! Pray and prepare !

      • Yes, both are the problem. One executes the lawless and the other side does not stop them (think cowards or complicit) your choice.

        How’s that for (b)lame?

    • Jesus compassion awaits. I came to the illegal immigration issue about 10 years later than you. This issue made me boiling hot and also served to awaken to how politicians do not truly serve the people. In 2008 Jesus saved me. Now I dont have the same eyes nor the same ears. All things have become new. Man has a sin problem. Jesus will give you a new heart to see all people as sheep that are in desperate need of a shepherd. Jesus is the answer. He is coming again. Taste and see that The Lord is good. Please dont wait ! Matthew 24 written 2,000 years ago is happening right NOW.

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