Coronavirus Video: These Messages From Quarantined Italians Make Clear How Many Things Can Change in 10 Days


Italy is desperate.

It has locked down in a hopeless attempt to decrease the infection rate and to help the country’s overwhelmed medical system.

Coronavirus apocalypse in Italy
Coronavirus apocalypse in Italy. Picture: Getty

These messages make clear how much things can change in 10 days.

As reported in this post:

The Italian government reported 368 new deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday, the largest 24-hour increase since the country confirmed its first case.

The numbercases of COVID-19 in Italy has also skyrocketed again:

Some 3,590 more cases of the coronavirus were reported in a 24-hour period, bringing the total number of people with the new coronavirus to 24,747 and the number of deaths to 1,809. Italy has the largest outbreak outside of China.

Map of Coronavirus cases and deaths in Italy
Map of Coronavirus cases and deaths in Italy

Covid-19 is straining Italy’s health care system. Some hospitals in the Lombardy region are unable to admit new patients.

In addition, many hospitals are struggling to find intensive care beds for critically ill patients, and there is a lack of protective masks for health workers.

This is not a pandemic anymore… It’s a human slaughter! More Coronavirus news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Take this video with a pinch of salt.
    REALITY is that you CAN go outside for fresh air, you cannot leave your local area though. Shopping is fine, pharmacy is fine, the park is fine, walking your dog is fine.
    That’s reality.

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