Biggest Outbreak of Protest Violence Since Coronavirus Crisis in Hong Kong


After a period of relative calm, anti-government protesters violently clashed with police in Hong Kong on February 29, 2020.

Police arrested 115 people after a night of chaos in Mong Kok and Prince Edward MTR station.

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Hong Kong police arrests 115 people on February 29. Picture: Felix Wong

Hong Kong protesters are back, despite fears over the global coronavirus epidemic that are keeping many residents indoors.

Hong Kong police said they had arrested 115 people after a night of chaos on February 29, 2020.

It has been qualified by officials as the biggest outbreak of anti-government protest violence since the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of black-clad protesters near Prince Edward MTR station where a rally was held to mark six months since an August 31, 2019, incident when police violently dispersed people inside the railway station.

Meanwhile, the outbreak of Covid-19 is a disaster for most of China’s economy but the new pandemic has boosted the state’s surveillance apparatus.

Facial recognition cameras, phone tracking technology and voluntary registrations have all been deployed to monitor the flow of people and the possible transmission of disease.

The Chinese surveillance systems currently has two purposes: the first is to monitor public health and the second is to maintain political control… And once the outbreak is controlled (if ever), it’s unclear whether the government will retract its new powers… Or just continue to use them to quell the rebellion. More societal collapse news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Youtube]

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